Chapter 90: Love or Revenge

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Previously in Dark and Dangerous Love:

“Why am I getting a custom fitted uniform anyway? Zayn seriously wants me to be his guard? Why? Is he high? I thought he didn’t like drugs?”

Jonah smirked. “You are being punished, along with Ethan and Aaron… But don’t worry, bro, I’ll make sure you can redeem yourself by the end of this whole mess.”

“Should I be scared?” Harry rolled his eyes. Jonah had always been devious, and his plans were always twisted and sinister.

Jonah was like a mini Zayn, evil and completely merciless.

Harry knew, whatever Jonah had planned, it wouldn’t end well.

“If anything happens to Evelyn, I will kill you with my bare hands,” Harry warned his best friend. “If you hurt her, in anyway, I swear I’ll kill you, Jonah.”

“No promises, buddy.”


“Do you want to know how to kill me?” That, was a question Evelyn never expected Zayn to ask her, not in a thousand years, not in a million years, not if the sun decided to rise from the west instead of the east.

She stared at him, utterly speechless.

Has he gone mad? She wondered. What in the world is going on in his head? Is it normal for a man to be so violent and aggressive one minute, but offering to tell me the secret to killing him the next? He said it himself, he didn’t want to spend his every waking moment being weary of his bedmate, so why the fuck is he giving me the chance to kill him?

If he were to die, it wouldn’t be at your hand, Evelyn, her conscience told her. You are much too soft and compassionate, you wouldn’t be able to kill, not even a monster like Zayn.

Yes, I can.

Evelyn, you really can’t.

Shut up; go back to your corner and study maths or something! She thought angrily, annoyed with her self doubt. If I were offered the chance, I would be able to kill him, I would. I am strong enough to kill him… But her thoughts were just thoughts.

Killing was easy and simple when it playedin her head, but when if the chance arises, would Evelyn be able to do it? Would she be able to go against everything she stood for, everything that made Evelyn, Evelyn, and kill the man who had done so many bad things to her.

Could she end a life?

Not even Evelyn herself knew the answers to those questions.

Zayn sat across from her whilst he waited for her answer.

His face was unreadable. He watched Evelyn like a predator stalking his prey.

If he was trying to scare her or intimidate her further, then it was working.

“Is this a trick question?” Evelyn asked, her voice low and barely audible. Her hands were tiny little white fists in her lap. Skin pulled tightly over the stark white bones underneath. “Are you trying out another one of your trust exercises, or are you trying to buy my with things you think I want to know?”

“Do you?” he asked, his face was stern, and Evelyn knew there were more emotions, thoughts and dilemmas going on under the surface than he was letting on. “And if I were to offer you this knowledge, would it wipe away all of my debts to you, and allow us to start fresh?”

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