Imagine being a sick step mommy (Misha X Step Mom Reader)

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So hey guys, I started writing this after my chapter I just published. I hope to get two up today so you can read a bit more than what I've posted this week... hopefully.
Anyway this was a request so thank you for that I appreciate it.
If Misha is in any of the gifs without meaning to be, I'm trying my hardest to find gifs of Maison and West without him but it's hard 😂😂, can you just ignore him.
Requests are still open.
Step mom (idk I just put it in case).
Passing out.
Kids ringing 911 (doing American Version).
Kids experiencing trauma.
Spoilers (don't read if you know your gonna like this fic a lot, and if you want a little plot twist)
Unexpected pregnancy
Big sibling moments
Now let's got on with the fic:
No ones PoV:
Y/n had been a bit sick lately, throwing up at night and feeling occasional dizziness. However she had no one to tell due to Misha being at con and she don't want to go the hospital because she finally had Maison and West with her, by herself, and she wanted some bonding time with them. Also Y/n was stubborn, she wasn't going to let some illness beat her in seeing her step kids.
She woke up after a restless night to Maison and West jumping on top of her. West obviously put Maison on the bed, which he insisted he didn't do as he got into your face giving you a kiss.

"Hey Westie" you mumbled and kissed him back, as you placed Maison next to you, wiping your occasional runny nose and taking more cough medicine

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"Hey Westie" you mumbled and kissed him back, as you placed Maison next to you, wiping your occasional runny nose and taking more cough medicine.
"Hey mommy! Time to get out of bed" West exclaimed and laughed at you as you covered yourself with the blanket, Maison as well.
"No mommy!" He exclaimed angrily pulling the blanket off of you and fake pouting.
"I'm sorry baby" you looked into West eyes as you apologised sincerely.
"It's okay mommy" he looked back into your (e/c) as he kissed your temple. The word 'mommy' you knew wasn't meant to be your title, but Vicki being the open women she is loved you and was happy for her kids to call you mommy as well, even though you believed it wasn't right. Her and Misha had a good ending to their relationship, and it was when Maison was practically born so the kids saw you as their mom, and Misha loved that.
"So what do you want to do today?" You asked them, knowing it was their day and you wanted to let them choose, or at least West since he could perform sentences.
"Shopping!" He exclaimed as you looked at him with a fake gasp.
"Shopping, I thought you hated shopping!" You sarcastically spoke back making him giggle and kiss you again.
"No mommy, I love shopping with you, not with daddy though, he doesn't let me get what I want" he honestly confessed making you laugh. It was true, you did spoil them too much and Misha always told you off. But you couldn't help it, they were your little munchies and you loved them eternally.
"Let's go shopping then. Get dressed and we can go buy some snacks and maybe a outfit!" You excitedly spoke making West laugh, you always had dressing up parties where you had matching onesies or outfits with the kids, and this would be the first time you'd have one without Misha, showing the kids you still did fun things without their father.
After a hard time getting the kids dressed, Maison around half a hour as she wet herself, then after a fresh diaper she spoiled herself again, making you laugh but having to get a fresh outfit, and Westie was trouble, he insisted he could put his pants on by himself, getting them on the wrong legs but it was still cute. You had a high patience level so you just waited for him and the only time you helped was with his button, he smiled and shown off his outfit before you placed Maison in her stroller and got ready to leave.
"Let's go to the shops" West fist pumped the air, grabbing your hand and pulling you out the door.
The journey to the shops was... eventful, West decided last minute that he wanted his bike, and he decided to get off it the moment you walked into the store. So now you has a stroller, a small trolley and a baby bike all pushed with just your hands, you were literally a super mom. However you felt that same rush of nausea again, you took a few deep breaths and after two minutes it didn't fully go away but it subsided.
Walking through the grocery store with West was a mission, he persisted on getting everything and anything that consisted of food, from veggies, to candy, to muffins and even microwaved meals. Because clearly what is fresh is something that's already cooked.
"West you sure you got everything?" You asked him while you looked at the shopping cart filled with items which varied... a lot. Although you did get matching blue onesies, and they even had Maisons size, you couldn't wait for Misha to get back in a few days to show him, he was gonna love it.
"I'm sure mommy" he responded as Maison babbled and we went to check out.
After a very needed explanation to the clerk about our food choices, we swiftly left and stared walking home. I again started feeling dizzy and decided I needed to distract my mind long enough to get home and lie on the couch for a bit or do small tasks which will make me feel less nauseous and light headed.
In the corner of my eye however I saw West sneakily eating some cabbage, occasionally trying to see if I was peeping at him.
"What you eating West?" I questioned in a soft tone as I continued pushing his bike.

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