Chapter 1

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Oh hi again!!!

I got bombarded with requests for a sequel to Enticing Him and I mulled it over for a while when BAM this idea hit me! I never expected have so much support for it so thank you!

If you haven’t read Enticing Him, that’s okay. This is more of a spin off so it shouldn’t be confusing if you haven’t read that first. Hope you enjoy!


Chapter one:

As I stepped out of my air conditioned car the heat engulfed me and the humidity nearly suffocated me! It was barely eight-thirty in the morning and the heat was blistering already. I swung my bag over my shoulder and grabbed my folders bursting with paperwork and slammed the door shut.

I locked the door and walked as fast as my heels could take me into S&S Banking. My eyes flicked over the large writing as I walked through the already unlocked doors and offered a smile to the security guard.

“Good morning Ryan” I greeted him as I welcomed the blow of cold air against the back of my already slick neck.

“Good morning Jenna, beautiful day isn’t it?”

I nodded, shifting my folders a little higher, “Very. Though a little colder winds could go down well!”

He chuckled and the corners of his eyes wrinkled. Ryan had been working at my bank for the last ten years and was retiring soon from what I heard. I nodded to him and turned towards my office greeting people as I walked past.

I reached the door labelled ‘Bank Manager’ and pushed it open before walking in and closing it again. I dumped my folder and papers onto my desk and shook out my arms. Damn those papers were heavy!

I slumped into my seat and began another long day.


My eyes were aching and felt absolutely dry as I stared at my computer screen in front of me. Jake, my fraternal twin brother, had asked me to go over his finances as per his usual orders every three months and it all seemed normal and was trending well.

I leaned back into my cool chair and closed my eyes letting them rest for a while. I loved my job. I loved being able to have the complete trust of my clients and employees and I was damn good at my job. It had its stressful moments, but then again what job didn’t? I thought of Jake and his billion dollar corporation.

Now that would be a handful.

Most people wondered why I bothered to work when I had a billionaire twin brother and I always told them the same thing. Even though Jake and I were brought up in a wealthy family we were taught to work hard for what we wanted or needed. We were considered odd by other rich children because of our attitude towards money but that never fazed us.

Then there was my best friend Sasha, well sister-in-law now.

She came from a modest upbringing and that also continued to help us think about the people who weren’t financially stable or less fortunate. We would normally choose the simple things like staying in to watch a movie and stuff our faces with ice cream rather than spend a fortune on an outfit we’d only wear once and hit up the high class clubs.

Suddenly screams reached my ears and I snapped out of my reverie. I furrowed my eyebrows and jumped when a single bang echoed through the bank. “What the hell is going on?!” I gasped to myself.

I peeked through my metal shutters and my eyes widened at the scene before me. Four men in black balaclavas and black outfits waved guns around as they shouted instructions to my employees and the clients to get on the ground.

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