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Outside Angie n I, stopped for a smoke, as you do. The ard music from inside ad just stopped, now came the customary uninspiring national anthem. Not that I gave a rat's ass. The night was all but over. What a night it turned out to be. Not had that much fun in like forever. Angie n I were saying our goodbyes to Harold n Colette n a few other freaker's nearby. Despite all that ad transpired this last week - tonight was a great night - a success for love. Loved the eighties music as well. Well to dance to at least. Can't beat a bit a grunge n the auld rock n roll n the like if you get what I mean like; O dear reader.

Me dearest Angelina decided to come back to me domy after the Fubar. Now with er cruel father out a the picture she could do as she pleased. We held hands when we left the venue. "You're a great couple," was what we were told all throughout the night that and other niceties. That made me feel happy and content as Larry. I don't need dragz any more, I dont think, now that I have Angie. I found the Minnie a me life she was now me oxygen I doubt I could live without er. We were holding hands a bit corny, but we didn't care. Words could not express our love. Twas like every love song mashed into a symphony of its own sung by the Angels a course. She smiled at me I smiled at er. So what if we were different? Who gives a fuck abooot image? The most important thing in this world is love n happiness not hate n bitterness.


To Hell with The Haters.

She leaned on me shoulder as we walked away from the town. Across the road from the Fubar was a chip van I asked our dearest Angelina if she was hungry n she said. "I'm just fine bae."

We decided to cut through the park. It was quicker. The walk from the Fubar to the park was only a few minutes up the hill.

She pointed out, "I'm cold."

I gave er me coat.

Then I felt the nip.

We awaited a few cars to drive by us n we crossed the road. The main elaborate gates were closed so we went around much easier. No bother.

We heard some people chatting n thought nothing of it. I just assumed it was some kids knacker drinking or some a the crowd from the Fubar going for a late-night dander. We passed the benches n sitting on them was a group a shams. Thugz.

I became apprehensive.

This could get ugly.

Me n Angie paid each other a worrying gaze n wisely kept our heads down. "Oi freaks!" Someone called out. We picked up our pace, subtly. I counted at least thirteen youths it was dark to dark to see their faces especially with their hoods up. They were shams.

"I said freaker!" Another voice startled me. Mc Honda, I recognised his.

I noticed they were coming toward me n Angie. We bolted, but they were quicker than I expected. I felt a smack at the back a me head that dazed me well and truly. I hear Angie scream. I felt someone grab me shoulder n I got turned around n punched in the face. I felt me nose break twas like no bone existed there. I was jumped on by five of em, no less. I tried to fight back all in vain. "Run!" I blurt out to the screaming Angelina but two of em jumped on her n started kicking n punching her n me.

We both dropped to the floor n curled up into a ball.

"She's pregnant!" I hollered as I got kicked hard in the face lost a couple a teeth. Things became foggy as I felt blood swirl in me mouth. I looked at Angelina n she looked at me n we knew, this was it. Again I pointlessly shouted; "She is pregnant! ye bastards," but this vicious gang didn't give a shit. I made a faltering attempt to stand to me feet seven were on me. I could just abooot hack the beating. Two real hard men n a woman were beating Angie.

She quickly fell silent. She was unconscious me reckons.

Some a the shams who were around but not directly involved with the savage beaten begged for the others to stop this callous act. A few of em ran away wanting nought to do with these heinous transgressions.

"This world don't need another freak," McHonda said sharply. Why his words were colder than the below zero temperature.

I'd say the beating lasted less than five minutes. Beating for being different. What has the world come to?

With me last shred a strength I crawled over toward Angelina n weakly said her name, "Angie."

I Was left livid.

Angie did not stir.

Just as I got to within touching distance of Angelina. McHonda kicks me in the face with his laces. "How do ye like that freaker?" McHonda spits on me adding insult to injury. "I said I'd get ya!" He spat on me again.

It was lights out after that.

I heard a faint voice thick with panic in the background. "Hello!" The voice said. "It's an emergency."

I went blank, me last thought lay with Angelina n the baby in er womb. I tried to get up, Lord knows I tried, but I couldn't.

"Yeah need an ambulance, at the park, there - there was a beating!"

That was it.

I thought I was dead.

I thought Angelina and the baby were dead.

I thought.

Next thing I noticed were bright lights staring down at me. I was on me back being wheeled through the hospital.

I blanked out with one last thought.

Lord, let em be alright.

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