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        THE BIG WEIRDOOS 😉🙄🤩🎉
Lolo: yo yo yo
John: stop being cringe
Nadss: John stop bullying her
Annniieeee: GIRL POWER
Hayhayden: Annie honey please stop
Annniieeee: nooooooooo
Hayley baby: Annie please don't
CarsoNN: heyyy guys
Hayhayden: hehey Carson
Lolo: i love u Cars
CarsoNN: umm ok?
Lolo: Marry me please
CarsoNN: r u on drugs
Lolo: I'm highhher then a bird
John: Lauren u good bro?
Lolo: heheh
John: ok bye I'm done lol
                     John left the chat
                  You: hi guys
Annniieeee: why do u only text after he leaves lol
                   You: we aren't on the best terms right now unfortunately
Hayhayden: oh no not #yourshipname
Lolo: Ik I couldn't sleep coz they broke up
CarsoNN: wait u broke up? I thought it was just a fight.
                   You: guys calm down. I've got a new boyfriend. His name is Corbyn. Follow him on Instagram @corbynbesson
CarsoNN: no I'm too sad
Hayhayden: how could you do this to us
Annniieeee: I can't believe it y/n and johns relationship is over
                 You left the group

Liked by @corbynbesson, @zephanclark and 600,678 othersItzy/n: wish I could buy some real friends 🙄 CommentsCorbynbesson: babe r u ok? I'm coming to your room rnFanpage1: ^^^ Corbyn and y/n are so cuteHater: haha she's sad Haydensumerall: we are ...

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Liked by @corbynbesson, @zephanclark and 600,678 others
Itzy/n: wish I could buy some real friends 🙄
Corbynbesson: babe r u ok? I'm coming to your room rn
Fanpage1: ^^^ Corbyn and y/n are so cute
Hater: haha she's sad
Haydensumerall: we are sorry
Annieleblanc: omg y/n I'm sorry. I didn't mean it. I love youuu
Teapage: ^ ☕️
Seaveydaniel: 🤩 and who hurt you I'll fight them
Jonahmarais: you go sis. I'm here if you need to talk
Jackaverymusic: bish Corbyn one lucky dude. And I hope you feel better soon

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