Getting your attention

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He's a pretty patient guy, so he just sits there pouting and waiting for you to finish what you're doing then he'll engulf you in a hug.

It's SO easy for Diego to drag you away from whatever you're doing. He normally snakes his hands around your waist from behind and places his head in the crook of your neck. It'll always work, much to your dismay

She'll tickle you. She knows you hate it. When you're not answering her or having a conversation, she'll lean over towards you. And if you still don't do anything, she'll tickle you constantly until you apologize and give her a quick kiss

Being the adorable little shit he is, he'd poke you. Over and over and over again. When you're working or cleaning or just sitting down on your phone, he'll sit down next to you, and pout. If you don't notice, he just pokes you till you answer

He's SO adorable when he's lonely. When you're occupied doing something, he'll wait a couple of minutes, and if you still don't say anything he'll teleport you to the living room, and hold out his arms to hug you. It always made your heart flip, knowing he'd be a mess without you.

He'd just follow you around. Normally on Mondays when you clean, Ben never used to clean so therefore he just followed you round like a lost puppy. With working too, he'd just stare at you, not in a creepy way- just like he was lost for words at your beauty. You always found it adorable and made time for him afterwards though

She'd play you a song. If you were ever stressed out or frustrated or just didn't wanna talk/ busy in general, you'd hear the sweet sound of her violin playing in another room. To surprise you, she'd learn a new song every time, which would always make you smile and distract you from whatever you were doing.

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