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Ethans POV
I grabbed my wallet and walked out of my bedroom. I went to the door and saw Alivia and Grayson standing there waiting for me. Grayson was till holding his stuffed animal and I said, "Grayson give me your animal." I tried to grab it but he held it tighter and pulled it closer. I grabbed ahold of it and tried pulling it out but got a whine from him. "Fine Grayson, you can bring your animal. Are you ready to go?" Alivia shook her head as we made our way to the first floor.

The pizza place was only a few blocks away so we walked there. I looked around and saw sky scrapers and palm trees. LA was beautiful, I mean so is New Jersey but this is something different. I never would've thought that I would ever come here let alone move here. We walked into the pizza place and sat down at a table. The waitress came over and started taking our orders. When ever she would write stuff down and look back up, she would look at Grayson. The only thing that's different is that more people stare at Grayson or me and Alivia since we are with him. When the waitress walked away I said, "Did you see her staring at Grayson?" Alivia shook her head and said, "Yeah I saw her. For some reason in LA people like to stare if your different." I just shook my head as we made small talk and made sure I kept my eye on Grayson. Our pizza came out after a little bit, and I saw that the waitress was still staring at Grayson. I was going to ask her why she was staring before Alivia cut me off and said, "Why are you staring at him?" She didn't say anything and turned red as she walked away. "I don't think she'll stare anymore," Alivia said. I kind of laughed and said, "Yeah, I don't think so either." We just kind of laughed as we started eating our pizza.

We finished and paid as we walked back out into the heat. "Holy shit why does it have to be so hot," I asked. Alivia laughed and said, "Yeah I have the same question. You want to walk around for a little bit?" I looked over at Grayson and then back to her. "I think he'll be fine." I just shook my head a little bit and we started walking around the streets again. Me and Alivia came up in front of a Gucci store. "You want to go in and buy something?" I shook my head no and said, "I am not buying anything from there. I barely have any money right now!" She said, "Come one just 1 thing?" I sighed and said, "Whatever I'll get something as long as you get off my ass about it." She laughed as we walked inside.

We walked around and looked at all of the clothing that's there. I came up to the wallet section and saw one that I liked. I looked at the price and saw that it said $380. Holy shit this much for a wallet?! Alivia came over with Grayson and saw that I was looking at it. "You like that?" I said, "Yeah but I don't want to spend $380 on a wallet like that's insane!" She said, "Come on, it's your first week living in California just get." I rolled my eyes and picked it up and walked up to the front and bought it.

I woke up in my bedroom with my phone next to me. I looked and saw that I fell asleep for an hour. I got off my bed and went out to the main part of the apartment. I went and grabbed a small snack and sat on the couch and looked at my phone. I heard small laughter coming from Alivias room. I didn't think much of it until I heard the same laugh except louder. I stood up and slowly walked over to her bedroom door. This is probably really creepy to do but I don't care. I put my ear to the door and heard silence but then hear her laugh again. I knock on her door and open it to find her with tears in her eyes from laughing. "What is so funny?" She took a few breaths and said, "I'm watching this YouTuber, he's actually pretty funny." I came over and looked at the phone and watched some of the video with her to. The guy was actually pretty funny to watch that I even started to laugh. "He's funny right," Alivia asked me. I said, "Yeah he is actually pretty funny." She said, "You know you should start a YouTube channel." I gave her a confused look and said, "Why? I'm not even that funny?" She said, "Yeah you are, and you don't even need to be as funny as the guy in that video you have to be entertaining and I think you are." I chuckled and said, "I'm nothing near being entertaining." She said, "Come on you know you are. Just make one video, and I'll be the first person to watch it." I said, "I said I'm not making a dumb video." She said, "You have potential to become famous Ethan." I cut in and said, "I want to become famous for football not YouTube." She said, "Yes I know that but I think you have a good sense of humor and you're entertaining. You are perfect to be a Youtuber. You're also on California, so if you do become famous, you have so many things that can happen." I had to agree with here that there are opportunities here. "Whatever, I'm making one video and that's it. If this doesn't work I'm not going to make another one okay?" She smiled and said, "Deal."

I made a small video of me doing a small challenge and watched it back. The video was really cringe to watch but was ready to post it. I sat and stared at the button, contemplating if I really wanted to post it. "Just press the button or I will," Alivia said. Without thinking, I pressed the post button and saw a message that said that it was uploaded. What am I getting myself into? "Look at that, you'll be famous in no time Ethan." I rolled my eyes and said, "Yeah I sure will be now that I made the worst video of my life." She said, "I didn't think it was that bad." I didn't say anything and walked out of my bedroom. Alivia followed and asked, "You want to go out and get some ice cream or something?" I said, "Yeah I guess I could go get some ice cream I just have to go get Grayson." I walked into Graysons room and found him looking at the iPad that mom got him for Christmas. "You want to go get some ice cream Gray?" He smiled and shook his head. I smiled as he came out of the room with the animal still stuffed under his arm. I wasn't going to try, I already learned my lesson.

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