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After two weeks, guess who's back writing? I can't deny I missed this, because I love to write and I'm loving to write this book so far.

Important: I just added a new character to the cast. It's Ace (the mute red haired guy from the club) who's represented by Trevor Stines.

Enjoy the chapter, thank you!

Enjoy the chapter, thank you!

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Life's a struggle when you're a muggle.


Exiting the taxi, I saw the one building where I am supposed to meet Sophie Lawrence, Yu-Jin's friend. Before I left Harry's house, Yu-Jin sent me a text message saying she couldn't come, because she had a meeting in a library. Nevertheless, she gave me Sophie's number and told me where should I meet her.

And now I'm standing in front of that same building, it's a really tall building, with glass windows. It's one of those typical Manhattan buildings that everyone sees on the internet. She must be rich to have a dance studio here, it seems pretty expensive.

It's funny that ten years ago, I would probably be sitting on this same street with tears in my eyes, playing the old violin and begging for food an money. And now I'm here ready to meet a girl and dance in her studio. I'm happy to be here, but I'm conscious that there are so many kids at the moment living poorly just like I did and that makes me sad.

Why must I be the one living luxuriously while there are so many people dying with hunger and suffering? Why are so many bad people living the most amazing life while so many kind people are dying unfairly? What right do they have to live like that? What right do I have to be living like this?

My thoughts were interrupted with the ringing of my phone, I looked at the screen to see an unknown number. I frowned picking up the phone and waiting for the person to say something.

"Hey, am I talking with Rose Elizabeth?" I heard a female voice. How does the woman know my name? Now I'm starting to get worried. What if the person knows me parents and they want to give me back to them?

I hesitated, "Huh- yeah?"

"This is Sophie!" I sighed in relief, "Yu-Jin gave me your number and said you should be arriving, so I just want you to call me when you arrive. That way I can meet you in the lobby and we'll go to the dance studio together. Do you know how to find the building? Are you still in the taxi?" I chuckled a little, realizing that Sophie seemed to be very nice person and she must be one of those persons who talk a lot. I like that, actually.

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