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ROMANCE by Sweetprincess79


Three billionaire princesses, cared and pampered by their Billionaire fathers. Beautiful, intelligent and kind at heart, they enjoyed their lives to the fullest with support from their dads.

Then disaster comes in form of the devil disguised as an angel and turned their lives to a living hell. They choose to abandon the luxurious heaven and accept the streets coldness.

"Princess?!" I heard my dad call.

My hand stilled on the door knob of the main entrance, I stood still my back facing him as I heard him approach me from the stairs. I couldn't look him in the eye, I just couldn't.

"You're leaving me?" He asked with sadness in his voice. "I never told you to leave." He continued.

"This is still your home, you can always come back. We are here for you, your mother and I will always support you... But we can't support this decision of yours. You'll one day realize that this was a mistake.” He ended with a sigh.

Closing my eyes to prevent the tears, I lifted the handle and left. Without speaking, without thinking and without turning back.





A mistake they made which cannot be changed, but can be learned from.

Can our billionaire kings save their princesses when they're out of reach? Can they bring them back to the comforts of home protecting them from the monsters out there. Can they help their princesses find themselves before their lives are fully messed up.

You've got only one way to find out, keep turning those pages.

Story by: Sweetprincess79

Video edit by: princesshayiffos

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I don't own any of the clips used in the video. I only edited them, credit to their directors and original editors. Selena Gomez, Emma Watson, Kristen Stewart, Zac Efron, Jenifer Lawrence, Bernardo Valesco, Ming Xia, Catherine Wright, Richard Maddon, Michael Trevino, Tom Felton and Anna Sophia Robb.

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Music 'It ain't me' by Selena Gomez ft. Kygo.

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