Koichi x reader-i think you should know...

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Your POV
you have been best friends with Jouske since you were toddler and you were really bored you were currently hanging out with Okuyasu, Josuke and Koichi we'll both Okuyasu and Josuke know you have a crush on Koichi once they teased you so bad you got them sent to the hospital by how bad you hit them with your stand right now is important tho "urgh it's too hot" you commented to the 3 guys the school uniform was so warm in the summer so you were warring a skirt which you never do but it's so hot so you went f*ck it and went to school in one "well maybe if Oku didn't Use the hand to get rid of the fan maybe we could all calm down!"Josuke exclaimed irritated and glared at Okuyasu "HEY SHUT UP IT WAS AN ACCIDENT I DIDNT DO IT ON PURPOSE!!" Okuyasu shouted he also glared back at Josuke "g-guys calm down t-there's no need to fight"Koichi stated nervously but he looked like he was going to pass out "hey Koichi you okay you look like your gonna pass out" you asked him he nodded but as soon after he fainted and you caught him with your bad arm which you hurt when you punched a wall and you scraped your arm on the door after why? cus you got aggravated by yourself because your worried someone's going to confess to Koichi and he'll be with them and not you a bit Yandere I know but it's true...
Koichi's POV
"Are you okay you look like your gonna pass out" Y/N questioned me I nodded in response to not worry her She's my crush after all but... I passed out
An hour later
I started to gain consensus and looked at my surroundings and I saw Y/N doing work on a chair next to me with her glasses on that's when I thought out loud "dam Y/N looks hot in glasses" she looked at me while blushing an said "T-thank you Koichi I bet y-you'd look c-cute too" she responded to me I blushed realising that I said it out lout "Y-Your welcome Y/N-Chan" I said I cursed at myself for stuttering
You were repeating what he said in your brain and then finally thought it was time to tell him "Koichi I think you should know..." You said but trailed and then Josuke and Okuyasu burst in and shaouted "KOICHI YOUR AWAKE!!!" You got pissed off and shouted back at them "CAN YOU WAIT OUTSIDE IM TRYING TO TELL HIM SOMETHING IN PRIVATE!!" Both of them apologised then went back outside you coughed and said "as I was saying Koichi I think you should know I-I love you w-would you be my B-boyfreind??" You asked him embaresed then you looked away He looked at you shoked he then makes you look at him and kisses you it took you a minute but then you kissed him back a 5 minutes later you broke apart he chuckled "I love you too and I'd love to be your boyfriend Y/N-Chan~"

Bonus: "AHHH FINALLY YOU TWO DID IT" Okuyasu said while walking towards the both of you "I agree Oku it took them forever to confess to one another" Josuke commented
"S-SHUT UP!!" You and Koichi shouted at them

IM SOSOSOSOSOSOOSOSOSOOOOOO SORRY FOR NOT POSTING SOMETHING FOR WHAT *looks and chokes on saliva* 13 DAY NANII!!! *gets hit in the back of the head by Jotaro*
Jotaro:Yare Yare your so annoying shut it already
Me:okay okay I'm sorry ;-;
Also I had an amazing birthday my birthday was last week and I turned 14 on the 9th so yeah I've been 14 for 1 whole week a-
Me:I know Mista I'm the 3rd oldest in my group of friends but yeah I hope Koichi isn't a little OC I tried my hardest but yeah I hope you enjoyed this Oneshot and I hope you have a great day
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