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Okhrano(Voodoo): *startled* For the sake of the holy white wolf, Loxo! There are moments like these where I want to wack you with my tail!

Ricochet: ...so all the time?

Okhrano: *thinks for a bit* ...Yes basically.

...Can we just get with the ask? Sunset, what's the question?

Sunset: Oh, it's from-

Loxo: From our lord and savior, Apple! Yes, I said lord and not lors! She asks what our least favorite character of a video game is!

Dusk: ... I'm just going to straight up say Donkey Kong...

Why Donkey Kong?

Dusk: ... don't ask..

Loxo: Too late! Why do you hate him?

Dusk: ... He is an a-hole...

What has he done to get on your bad side? Seriously, he's only a video game character. How bad can what he's done be?

Dusk: .. I once tried to play the arcade game back when I could see... The fckin game kept messing up causing the controls to not work well so I kept fucking dying... also that fckin ape throws barrels at you. HOW WOULD YOU NOT HATE HIM?!

...It's better than minding your own business with your pokemon and have FCKING GARY/BLUE COME OUT OF FCKING NOWHERE LIKE A PRICK HE IS AND DEMANDS A BATTLE.

Bishop: Hehe he loses most the time anyway.

Most of the time? He couldn't even get knock down one of my pokemon. I could beat all his pokemon with a level 5 rattata.

Ricochet: I'm guessing your most hated is Gary?

...I got more, like Lusamine, N's father, team rocket, Silver....

Bishop: Personally I enjoy all of those characters.. They make the game more fun and challenging.

Actually, I agree. But they're a pain in the ass when they talk about their stupid plans. Especially Lusamine. But it's not only pokemon characters... I hate Link.

Bishop: Why do you hate Link?

Mother fcker be doing the dumbest sht. Seriously, I try having him do one thing and he goes overboard. Sometimes when I'm trying to move steadily... HE RUNS A MARATHON. Link, you idiot!

Silence: Nah you just suck at LOZ games.

Listen here mother f-

Sunset: No, no argument! Please!

Ricochet: Yeah it's just a game, nothing to get mad at.

Bishop: As if you weren't frustrated when playing portal.

Ricochet: Hey, I had my reasons... GLaDOS is a btch. I hate that bucket of bolts. Stupid evil robot .

We all got a reason, fack off....

Dusk: Yep!

Okhrano: Uh...Who's next?

Bishop: Well I guess I'll go. I hate Chica from FNAF. 

Silence: Ironically they have a chica plush from fnaf..

Bishop: Ok I don't hate her entirely but sometimes she can be a jerk.

How bad can she be?

Bishop: So you know how I'm easily distracted right?


Bishop: Well I got distracted by a noise outside of the game and when i looked back fckin Chica jumped out of nowhere.

That explains the fcking cursing from across the room

Bishop: Yep

Loxo: My turn!

Loxo, you don't even play video games..

Loxo: Gah! You're right!

Dusk: ... I guess he gets a pass on this one?

Loxo: Awwww... Oh well! Ohkrano!

Ohkrano: I have to say that my least favorite are the creepers in Minecraft. Second is the skeletons.

Why them?

Ohkrano: Creepers because they keep sneaking up and exploding everytime I'm doing something such as planting seeds or chopping wood because global warming doesn't exist in games.

Silence: Dude... Those are really not that hard to deal with.

Ohkrano: ...Try having three fingers and no thumbs

Silence: ... dude.. you play as a character who has blocks for hands. No fingers. Also just get a bow and arrow and shoot them before the creeper gets close enough to destroy anything.

Ohkrano: ...My respects for you, Silence, is decreasing by every word you speak.

Ahem... let's just... move along now. Sunset?

Sunset: Oh... um... Nintendo pets doesn't really have any enemies....

Bishop: Alright then

Silence? Your least favorite character in a game?

Silence: I don't like those turtle guys in Mario.

Ohkrano: What damage they do to you?

Silence: If you kick them and don't jump in time their shells spin on over and take a life. It's pretty annoying.

Well... Get your point, though I hate those turtles that throw sledgehammers at you in Super Mario Wii.

Silence: What's even worse is the skeleton turtles...

Those fckers are already dead...

Loxo: But you can chew on their bones at least!!!

If only it were possible...

Sunset: It seems to be it for all of us now. Should we call it a chapter?

Ricochet: Yeah

Bishop... outro, could you?

Bishop: On it. Well that wraps up this chapter, if you have any questions, dares, or anything, feel free to let us know in the comments down below! Well bye bye until next time! We are signing off.

Loxo: Bye-bye buggies!!!

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