Meeting Ginger

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Greetings and salutations, dear readers! And welcome to my notebook! Here, I shall post a bunch of bitchy complaints about people you most likely don't know, fan fiction one shots, lemons/smuts, sexy shit, fan art that I drew, fan art that other people drew, and all that jazz!!

So, some things you ought to know about me:

I hate myself miserably so I won't be using my real name in anything I write. EVER. Here on Wattpad, you can call me Ginger!

I am pansexual and gender fluid. I have hazel eyes and (obviously) red hair. I'm pale as fuck and you can see my veins through most of my skin. I'm 5'3" (not short!!) And I have two younger siblings.

I live in Iowa, America (not gonna say a town). I'm a freshman in high school, and very antisocial. Except I guess I'm a magnetic personality, because I'm usually surrounded by friends or people who are friendly. I think it's because I can rarely say no, and I try to help no matter what I do.... hmm...

Anyway! I'm dead inside and I have panic disorder! Fun facts about me! Any questions? Leave a comment! Thank you, and have a nice day!!

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