The Heartbreak Kid

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The Heartbreak Kid

My name is Cheyenne Michelle Michaels, ok Hickenbottom, but I go by Cheyenne Michaels; no nickname. My dad is the Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels, if the last name didn't give it away. I'm 15 and about to enter my sophomore year of high school. I'm in a regular high school now, but I'd love to be homeschooled. I'd be able to move at my own pace and focus more on my passion, photography.

I'm not into sports, I'm not into wrestling. I mean I'm a fan and I've been taught the ropes and I know how to defend myself all too well, but I'm more interested in the arts. I want to one day be a photographer for WWE, but my uncle Paul thinks otherwise. He and my dad think it's too dangerous and they want me to be behind the scenes as much as possible.

Well, it's another day and my brother is home for a few more days before he heads back to college. He lives in Cali now and my mom said I might be able to go visit in the summer. Cameron is 19 and goes to USC. My dad is back in town as well from Florida. He's pretty much moved there to work with NXT. Let's just say, it's been an adjustment.

I headed downstairs for breakfast to see my parents and my brother at the table.

"Morning everyone," I said, giving everyone kisses on the cheek.

"Morning," my brother replied, messing up my hair as always.

"Morning baby girl," my dad said looking up from his paper and smiling.

"Morning sweetie," my mom said, handing me a plate.

After my mom gave everyone their plates we said grace and began to eat.

"Did you finish that project you had to do?" my dad asked.

"Yes, it was due earlier in the week. Dad can we please turn the extra room into my office? It's not that big, but it'd be perfect for me to edit. Plus my birthday is coming up," I said, hopeful.

My dad sighed and replied, "Cheyenne your birthday is not until the summer and I told you that I would think about it."

"You always say let me think about it, but you never do." I mumbled.

My dad cut his eyes at me and replied, "It's going to take me a while. Remember I don't answer to you Cheyenne. Finish up your food. End of discussion."

I got up from the table leaving my plate there. I went up to my room slamming my door and sitting down at my computer, editing photos. Call me a brat, say it's a temper tantrum, I don't care. There was a knock on my door. I yelled come in and my brother Cameron walked in and sat down on my bed not looking happy. You would think my brother is my dad the way he acts sometimes. Still, he feels that he can talk sense into me more than my parents can. To some extent that's true.

"What was that downstairs?" he asked, shooting daggers at me.

I sighed and replied, "Cameron, that's not fair. I just asked a question."

"So you're going to be a brat because dad said he'd think about it? Then you had the nerve to challenge him?" he asked, slightly raising his voice.

My dad had a lot of patience, but he did not like to be disrespected. Yes, I was his baby girl and usually got my way, but when he said something, I needed to listen instead of fighting with him.

"I'll go apologize," I said in a low voice standing up.

"Good. He's outside and he's pissed off," Cameron said, standing up and walking out with me.

I headed outside to see my dad sitting near the small pond in our backyard.

"Hey daddy," I said in a low voice.

He turned to me and patted for me to sit next to him which I did.

Before he could speak I said, "I came to apologize. I had no right to talk to you like that and I'm really sorry. I know I need to stop acting like a brat and learn patience. I apologize daddy."

He nodded his head and remained silent before speaking. "You know, I knew that spoiling you would come back to bite me in the ass once you became a teenager, but I must say that I love your drive and passion for your craft. As for talking to me as you did you need to watch it. That's a warning. I don't take disrespect lightly Cheyenne, never have and today won't be that day that I start to. As I said I'll think about it. Do not bring it up again. In the meantime focus on what you're doing and let everything else work itself out."

I nodded my head and leaned on his shoulder as he wrapped his arm around me.

"You know, I've started looking at schools in New York and California. They have great programs for photography," I said breaking the silence.

"Wherever you go and whatever you do your mother and I support you baby girl. I want you to follow your dreams not for us, but for yourself," he replied and kissed my forehead.

We sat outside for a few more minutes before we got up and went back inside. My dad went to find my mom and I went back to editing photos before hanging out with Cameron for the rest of his time here.

"Break time lil sis," he said, setting the plate of food on my desk and sitting on the couch in my room.

"Alright. Let me just finish these last few photos," I replied.

As I worked, I ate. Cameron had turned my TV on and was lost in some show.

"So what are we doing tonight?" I asked.

He shrugged his shoulders and replied, "I don't know. What do you want to do?"

"We can go to dinner and maybe a movie."

"Are you asking me out on a date?" he asked with a stupid smirk on his face.

I took a pen and threw it at him before replying, "Oh shut up. I don't see you coming up with any bright ideas."

He stood up and said, "As long as you're finished with your work, sure, why not. I'll go tell mom and dad."

I nodded my head and went to jump in the shower. I was ready nearly an hour later in a pair of high-waisted jeans, a crop top, boots, and I grabbed my light jacket. I headed downstairs to see my brother and parents watching TV.

"Alright camera phone. I'm ready to go," I said walking over to give my parents hugs and kisses.

"Cameron don't forget there's a curfew," my dad said, giving Cam a stern look.

Cam just sucked his teeth and grabbed the car keys, "I know dad. I know."

Dad shot him another look as a sign to watch the attitude that was brewing. Cam noticed the look and fixed his demeanor fast. If they were to get into it, we wouldn't be going anywhere.

"We'll be back," Cam added, walking towards the door.

"Have fun and be safe," my mom yelled as I closed the door.

Time to let the fun begin.

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