Jealousy (fluff)

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Second update in a row!!! Let me know if you have a request, messages are always open xx (based on episode 2)

(y/n) pov

I walked into the academy to the sound of music coming from Luther's room, I smiled and started dancing very slowly. Moving my hips from side to side, humming to the song playing.

I walked upstairs to Five's room. The posters very familiar. He was stood in front of the window and Vanya had just left. His demeanor changed very quickly and he rushed back to the door, giving me a peck on the cheek as he looked out towards Vanya's leaving figure.

I smiled and whispered a quick greeting, "Hi!" This earned a smile from Five. I heard something moving around inside the wardrobe next to us. I walked towards it and opened the door quickly, Klaus came tumbling out in what looked like a clown costume?

"What the hell!?" I whispered. Making sure Vanya couldn't hear me. "What is he doing in there?" I asked Five who seemed angry that his brother had come out of the wardrobe too soon.

Klaus stood up shakily exclaiming, "That's so touching, all that stuff about family and dad and time." Five still looked perturbed.

"Would you shut up? She'll hear you." I am assuming he was talking about Vanya. Who I could hear leaving the academy through the front door.

"I'm moist," Klaus replied, faking a tear causing me to giggle. He looked over and smiled at me. "Been a while hasn't it sweetheart?"

Klaus came over and gave me a bear hug, picking me up in the process. For someone with such a small build, he was much stronger than he looked.

Five's pov

I watched as my brother hugged my girlfriend, I felt a hot bubble in my stomach about to burst. Right as I was about to lose it, Klaus put (y/n) down and turned back to me.

(y/n) looked him up and down and simply said, "How high are you? What are you wearing?" I let out a chuckle. That's my girl.

"I told you to put on something professional," I said, trying to keep a straight face. He looked like a rejected clown.

Klaus looked at the two of us confused, "What? This is my nicest outfit." He did a sort of flourish after he said this.

I let out a sigh of exasperation. It seems that I really am the only one to have grown up in the last forty-five years. "We'll raid the old man's closet." I said turning to leave the room.

After arguing about the details of his payment, (y/n) came to walk beside me and took my hand in hers. The feeling of her (s/c), soft hand in mine instantly made me feel content. Like I was still a child again and the last forty-five years never happened. I smiled at her without Klaus knowing.

Klaus suddenly grabbed my attention, "What's our cover story?" Seeing my confused face he continued, "I mean was I really young when I had you? Like sixteen? Young and - terribly misguided?"

Klaus spoke with a wistful sigh as if remembering better days. Which maybe he was? Whilst the peaceful moment between me and (y/n) was already ruined he had to continue.

" Your mother, that slut! Whoever she was. We met at the disco! Okay? Remember that."

(y/n) giggled under her breath, nodding along with what Klaus was saying. He just kept talking, making it worse by saying, "Oh my God, the sex was amazing!"

I looked at him, just as weirded out by him as I was when his was setting fire to stuff in his room when we were kids. "What a disturbing glimpse into that thing you call a brain." I said with  a monotone voice.

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