Chapter 1

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Chapter One

"Skylar, you really should stop," Cammy says, yet continues to giggle as I down another shot. Glancing at her when I swallow, I see her ginger curls jumping about as she drunkenly giggles beside me. Rolling my own eyes, I know it's her that is the one that should really stop drinking.

Having been in this house for two hours, I haven't even seen Cole yet. The birthday boy, not to mention my boyfriend, can't even show up on time to his own party. In that time Cammy has well and truly drunk too much while I am only on a slight buzz.

Glancing around the party, I see so many people I know that I cringe, wishing just once that these parties didn't always have to be so big. If it was my birthday I'd want a nice home cooked meal, some wine and my close friends around me.

That isn't how this world works though, well certainly not in Cole's mind anyway. He was all about the saying 'go big or go home'. It was one of the things that first attracted me to him when we first met at the callback for our new movie 'A love trip'. Cringy as it sounds, it is to be one of the biggest releases this year. Everyone loves a Skylar Reed chick flick and it seems even more so when my leading man is Cole Hudson.

"I'm going to see if Cole has finally arrived. Don't drink anymore." I warn, watching Cammy smile and nod.

"I see Diana anyway. I'll see you later, sweet cheeks." She says, wriggling her fingers at me in a wave before strutting off. I sigh, watching her to make sure she gets over to her sister safely before making my way through the massive house to find my flaky boyfriend.

I have practically searched the whole house when I step into the living room, seeing a group at the far corner, a smile coming to my face when I see a long-haired brunette standing in a purple dress standing with her back to me. It doesn't take a genius to recognise Danielle Heart, international pop sensation.

"The Princess has returned," I comment when I'm close enough. She turns and grins widely at me, instantly tugging me into a hug, my own long blonde hair tumbling down her back with the movement.

"Skylar, I was starting to think you didn't like me anymore." She says, putting on a fake pout when she pulls back, making me laugh yet it gets cuts off when another blonde steps out of the group.

"Look what the cat dragged in," Blair Jordan, Dani's best friend and fellow singer, muses, making me give her a flat look and shrug.

"Awww, don't even deny it, Blair. I've already run into Grant and he's told me about your plans to kidnap me so you can experience my wonderful company." I muse, making her laugh before she too is hugging me.


When she pulls back I glance around the group and find myself looking at the five handsome faces of the Harrington boys and a young pretty face I can only assume is the girlfriend of one... Marc, I think. I don't really know much about them other than what Dani has told me from her relationship with Mike, the second youngest. But, looking at them all now, I realise the camera doesn't do them justice. They are downright yummy. Every single one, however, when my eyes collide with two deep blue ones across the group, something in my lower stomach flutters and a bought of sexual chemistry flares between us.

"Skylar, these are the Harrington's. Mike, my fiancé, Matthew, the eldest, Marc and Mitch the twins and that's Miles. Plus, this is Jade, Marc's girlfriend." Dani introduces, waving around everyone. It takes me until that introduction to realise the guy I had been staring at was Mitch Harrington, one of the twins. Moving my eyes to the other twin, who is practically identical, I am surprised to feel absolutely nothing.

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