Damn It

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"Lena, we are going to host your debutante ball next month so please be prepared. You will start your dance lesson with Lady Charlotte tomorrow. Lucy will also come to take your measurements later. Any objection?"

Kara said as she turns intensely to look at the vase on top of her desk.


The blonde sighs.

What a complete idiot she looks like right now. Come on! Lena is her wife! She can tell her anything... Well... It supposed to be like that.

But it's not that simple.

Her so proclaimed wife is scary. Too scary... If Lena isn't that scary maybe she wouldn't be talking to a vase right now.

She sighs once again. The blonde rest her cheeks on her palm as her elbows land softly on the table.

Puffing her cheeks, "Hello, there, Lena Luthor, my dearest most loving wife ever! Do you know you have the most beautiful smile ever?"

Kara taps her index finger on the vase, imagining herself tapping her finger on her wife's nose.

The head of the house grin.

She can imagine Lena making annoyed expression when she taps her nose.

"Your eyes, they shine like the sun when you smile. Oh, your smile! In your smile, I can see the moon. Don't you agree so, Mr Clock?"

Her head turns to look at the giant clock on top of the fireplace. There is no reply from the lifeless clock tho Kara chuckle at that.

"Yes, indeed, Mr Clock. I am very lucky to have her as my wife. Every time I look at her... She took my breath away. Even so, I could never know what's inside her head. One moment, 'I don't wanna see you ever again' then, the next moment, she kissed me."

Kara sighs.

"BUT! It will be alright. We will slowly get to know each other better and fell in love with each other. Well, we just need to wait for her to love me since I already love her. Then, we will have many children! I want this house to be filled with laughter! And the-", as the blonde about to continue her daydreaming, someone clear their throat behind her.

"A-hem, is this what depression looks like?"

Slowly Kara turns to look at whoever said that. Yes, indeed, it's Lena Luthor leaning her head against the door, smirking at the blonde.

"How much did you hear?"

A genuine smile actually craved on the brunette's face when she was asked that.

"Hmmm... Let's see... 'Then, we will have MANY children!'."

The whole mountain Everest just fall on Kara's pride. Leaving it completely scarred. Only if... well... She has any more pride to spare.

"I... Ummm... Your debutante ball, next month, dance lesson, tomorrow, prepare."

With that, the blonde tried to flee the scene as fast as she can. Instead, she was stopped by a tight hand securely wrapped around her arm. Their eyes locked together. It is totally not fair.

Lena never plays it fair.

It wasn't fair when she stole Kara's heart away without even knowing it when they first bump into each other.

And now... Looking at her like that...

She is so unfair.

"Just so you know, three is plenty enough for me."

The brunette said and walk away, leaving Kara with her eyes rapidly blinking each second.

Three? Three what? Three cups of sugar? Three trees? Three puppies? Three... Oh.



Three children!

Every nerve on Kara's body suddenly freeze. The expression on her face is unreadable. Her mind is doing such an awful job in taking in the newly found information. Even after the information is properly inputted in her head, her face remains emotionless.

It remains the same when she walks toward her room. Her face remains the same when she ignored the greetings from the maids in the hallway. Still, her face remains the same when she carefully close her bedroom's door.

As she leans her back against the door. Her face slowly turns red.

"AGHHHHH!!!!!", she screamed.

The blonde throws her body on her bed and wrapped her body with her blanket before happily rolling around the bed.

She is smiling ear to ear.

Her love... It's not completely hopeless after all.

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