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At ten minutes past five in the morning, the door swung open and Mrs Weasley finally entered the kitchen of twelve Grimmauld Place. She looked extremely pale and when Fred, George and Harry noticed her they half rose from their seats.

"He's going to be alright," She said, sending them a gentle smile. You could tell how tired she was by the weakness in her voice, "He's sleeping. We can all go and see him later. Bill's sitting with him now, he's going to take the morning off work."

Fred fell back into his chair with his hands over his face. George and Ginny got up and swiftly made their way over to their mother and hugged her. Ron gave a very shaky laugh and downed the rest of his Butterbeer.

Aurora couldn't help but smile at the happy news, as the relief washed over her shoulders she finally began to feel the tiredness.

"Breakfast!" Sirius shouted loudly and joyfully, jumping to his feet and scaring Aurora in the progress, "Where's that accursed house-elf? Kreacher! KREACHER!"

However, Kreacher didn't answer the summons.

"Oh, forget it," Sirius muttered, he then proceed to count the people in front of him, "Let's, it's breakfast for...eight. Bacon and eggs, I think, and some tea and toast-" he muttered as he walked over to the stove. Aurora quickly followed her dad's footsteps but instead of going over to the frying pan she went over to the kettle.

"I don't know what would have happened if it hadn't been for you, Harry," Mrs Weasley cried, she engulfed Harry in a tight hug, "They might not have found Arthur for hours, and then it would have been too late, but thanks to you he's alive and Dumbledore's been able to think up a good cover story for Arthur being where he was, you've no idea what trouble he would have been otherwise, look at poor Sturgis..." She finally let go and quickly walked over to Aurora, bringing the young girl into a tight hug too kissing her gently on the cheek, before letting go and looking over at Sirius, "Oh, Sirius, I'm so grateful...they think he'll be there for a little while and it would be wonderful to be nearer...of course, that might mean we're here for Christmas."

"The more the merrier!" Sirius said sincerely.

Mrs Weasley beamed at him, she quickly threw on an apron and began to help with breakfast. 

"Sirius," Harry muttered, catching his attention, "Can I have a quick word?"

Sirius shared a worried look with his daughter but quickly nodded his head, he passed her and followed Harry out of the kitchen.

Aurora watched them leave before she turned around as the kettle whistled. She quickly took it off the gas and began to fill mugs with the steaming hot water that was inside.

"I'm sorry," A quiet voice said from behind her, causing her to jump and almost spill some of the kettle's contents on herself.

She quickly turned around and saw Fred standing behind her, his hands behind his back as he sheepishly smiled at her. She could tell the even though he dozed off, he was still incredibly tired due to his bloodshot eyes and his weak posture. 

"What?" She asked, one of her eyebrows raised.

"I'm sorry," He repeated.


"For shouting at your dad," Fred clarified, "I was just upset and angry -"

"Fred," She interrupted the boy, she quickly placed the kettle down onto the counter and placed her hand on his bicep, "You don't have to apologise. I totally understand. My dad totally understands. You have nothing to worry about," she send him a large smile before she threw her arms around his neck, he quickly responded by wrapping his around her waist and hugging her tightly to his body, "I'm just so happy that your dad's okay," she muttered into his neck.

"Me too," Fred nodded, a smile placed on his lips as he snuggled his head into Aurora's black locks. 

Ginny, who was now helping her mum toast the bread, quickly nudged the woman and nodded her head at Fred and Aurora. Mrs Weasley's head snapped towards them quickly, before a large smile appeared on her face as she watched the two love-struck teenagers embrace each other. 

She couldn't help but reminisce of the times when she was their age as a small happy tear rolled down her cheek.

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