Chapter 2

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The man for a moment just stared at her, as she stared back. She could not see his face for it was cloaked by his hat. He then asked in a low and gravelly voice "are you Willow Bluejay?" Willow was confused and intrigued. How would he know her name. What is happening? Why is he here? Should she answer? So many questions whirled through her mind. "Um.... Yes....." Willow stated. Willow could just make out a smile under his hat. He reached out and grabbed her arm with his large hand and pulled her outside. "What the hell!?" She screamed and tried to pry his hand off her arm. The man threw her into a white van. It was dark in the back of the van so she could barely see anything as he closed the large doors. She heard a clicking sound, and she knew it was a lock on the door. She scrambled toward the clicking noise and pounded vigorously onto the door with the palms of her hands. She stopped and breathed deeply, massaging her hands. A muffled sound came from the other side of the back of the van. Willow held her breath for a moment and listened. The muffled sound continued. It sounded like someone trying to talk through a gag or something. A gag. Someone is back there with her.

Willow shuffled slowly to the other side of the van and could just make out the shape of someone. She slowly put her hands onto what seemed like the persons face. "Sorry." She whispered as she accidentally poked the person's eye. She finally got her fingers on the gag and pulled it down onto the figures chin. "Willow..... Is that you???" Asked the voice. Willow immediately recognized the persons voice. "Emmy??" "Ya it's me," the figure said. Willow felt a knot in her throat develop. She grabbed Emmy's form and held on to her. "what the heck is happening?" Willow whispered to Emmy. "I don't know. But the two guys who grabbed me, they said it was some sort of test or something," Emmy said. Willow frowned slightly. "Strange. I wonder what they meant," she muttered. "Well, wondering isn't going to do us any good. We need to get out of here. My arms are tied so it would be nice if you could untie them," Emmy said. Willow nodded slightly and started to untie her arms.

The two girls stood up, tripping slightly as the car swerved. Emmy's hand hit the side of the truck and the metal started to heat up. "What the...." Emmy wasn't able to finish for the illuminating light from the hot metal blinded them for a second. When they were finally able to see again there was a small hole in the side of the truck, looking like it was burned away. "What did you just do?" Exclaimed Willow in her bewilderment. "I think I just burned the metal with my hand..." Emmy muttered. Willow's reddish brown hair billowed behind her as the air from outside whipped into the interior of the truck. "This is freaky..." Emmy whispered. "Come on, we don't have time to sit and talk. It's time to tuck and roll!" Willow said. Willow ran out of the hole in the side of the truck and got ready for the impact. But it never happened.

Willow opened her eyes slowly. She could feel the wind whip around her, bringing her hair into her eyes. She looked down. There was a chunk of earth under her feet. How in the world did this happen? She could feel her body shake. She peered back into the hole and saw Emmy, staring wide eyed at her. Willow shook her head, her face now serious. "Emmy, come on," she yelled over the rushing wind. She held her hand out to her. Emmy grabbed her hand and jumped onto the platform. Emmy landed next to Willow. Willow then closed her eyes. She had no idea what was happening. She had a sudden urge to crouch down, and touch the floating earth under her. The wind suddenly stopped. She didn't dare open her eyes. She could feel Emmy jabbing her finger vigorously into willows shoulder to get her attention. Willow finally got the courage to open her eyes. They were still on the floating earth chunk, but they were no longer floating next to the truck. She felt a wave of relief until she saw a man, staring directly at Emmy and Willow. And he was smiling.

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