25:\\ Headache

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I wasn't even out of the hospital yet when a damning headache flooded my system. I grabbed my head in pain, the world had become so blurry.

My vision was flashing in and out and I was struggling to keep my balance.

"Are you okay?" A concerned-looking gentleman asked me as I struggled to see his face. I tried to nod but I wasn't sure if I just looked like a chicken running around with it's head cut off. "Well its a good thing we are at a hospital, do you want me to walk you inside?"

I nodded again— I think.

There were pounding noises in my ears now along with my inability to see. I felt an arm pull mine over their shoulders and put their hands on my waist. I hobbled beside the stranger and as soon as I set foot in the hospital, all physical pain had disappeared.

I looked at the boy who had helped me. He couldn't have been older than twelve. I gave him a smile, thankful that he wasn't one of those kids who would hit someone while they're down.

"I'm suddenly feeling a lot better. Thanks kid for helping me." I said. His bright brown eyes lit up as he smiled at me.

"Thanks for helping me do a good deed today." He replied. He moved away, "I hope you feel better."

I smiled at his kindness.

"Me too. I don't know what happened to me." I replied, heading once again toward the exit of the hospital.

Truth is, I hadn't left the hospital since Aaron passed out. The nurses provided me with blankets and told me where a shower I could use was. It was spring break at school this week anyway so I hadn't actually missed anything.

My steps felt heavier by the second as I tried to leave the door. I stepped outside, my Brain was throbbing as I pushed past the dizziness and pain. I was about halfway through the parking lot by the time the pain turned sharp and stinging. No longer was it a swelling pain, it was as though someone had stabbed my brain and began piercing my body.

I couldn't feel anything, I heard weird screams around me before realizing that I was the one screaming. I decided to walk myself back to the hospital. The world was dizzy and I couldn't see which direction I was walking, the piercing pain shrunk to a throbbing one as I set foot inside the hospital.

What the...!?

I couldn't leave this place?! What is wrong with me? I decided to walk to the cafeteria, the pain subsiding slightly.

I asked for an ice pack and they complied. I sat with my head in my hands and an ice pack between them.

A couple minutes passed as I sat there clutching my head. Within those minutes, the pain completely disappeared and by the time I sat up and took the ice pack off, Aaron was standing no more than 2 meters away wearing his hospital gown.

"What are you doing here?" I stood up.

"Decided to play hide and seek. Found you." His eyes glinted a silvery color as his arms wrapped around my waist and he pulled me to him.

"What?" I asked, wanting to pull away but being unable to do so.

"You know Vy," he leaned close to my ears. I felt the need to correct him and tell him my name was Violet, but I couldn't bring myself to utter a word, "under these clothes, I'm naked." He whispered.

That was enough to have me push him away and take my seat.

"Aaron why are you here... how did they let you leave?"

"I asked if I could take a walk and ditched my walking buddy a while back." He shrugged, taking the seat across from me. "I'm supposed to be discharged tomorrow morning anyway." He said.

"Okay... but why are you here?"

"On this planet? I don't really know it just happened that way."



"It's Violet."

"What? I thought we were friends now."

I shook my head.

"Did our kiss mean nothing to you?" At the mention of my irresponsible actions, I felt my cheeks burning. I looked away immediately. He wasn't supposed to remember that. I don't even know what made me do that to begin with.

"What kiss?" I looked up now, my face a raging tomato and pretended to play dumb.

"I see... so you won't admit that you love me?"

"Aaron what the heck!" I glared at him openly, love? I barely liked the guy to begin with.

"There you are." A short man approached Aaron as a sly smile arose on his lips. "Hello Violet."

"Hi Steve." I greeted.

"Why did I think this one wouldn't have some way to find you." Steve laughed, almost to himself.

I gave Aaron a look before he shrugged and stood up.

"See you later." He said to me, placing his hand on my shoulder and walking behind Steve. I held back a laugh, his entire back was open and barely covered by the hospital gown.

I sat back down as the headache returned with every passing second.

It was as if the further I was from Aaron, the more my head ached. It was almost like that was actually what was happening. I decided to test out my theory and approach the man's room.

Although I would've much rather been at home, it seemed something changed. Whatever this supernatural thing was, it needed to be figured out and ended. After whatever this thing was was solved, I would immediately leave Aaron's life and never have to see him again.

I walked upstairs and the headache slowly diminished. I wondered if he felt it too. I would ask later.

"Hey, I knew you couldn't stay away from me." A broad smile brightened his face as he caught my eye. I rolled my eyes and sat in the empty seat in the room, completely ignoring all the other people.

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