Chapter one- Shocked

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Writing this for my bff SherrylAnne1 hope you like it

Your POV:

Your eighth period class just ended and you were putting your books into your locker when your best friend came up to you excitedly.

"OMG sherryl your never going to believe this but I overheard Stefan telling Damon that he was going to ask you out after the football game,"

You roll your eyes. "I highly doubt that,"

See you have bad a crush on Stefan Salvatore since freshman year. It was now Senior year and he has never talk to you,except on a occasional times about homework. Him being a jock you thought be would never notice you or even no who you were.

You were considered popular,not cheerleader popular but being friends with Sammie, Elena and Caroline helped and everyone liked you as well.  Sammie brought you out of your thoughts.

Sammie frowned. "Sherryl you need to have more faith in yourself, but let's go and get ready for the football game,"

You didn't really want to go to the game but the girls wouldn't stop pesturing you. You hopped into Sammie's Jeep and headed to your house.

One she pulled in you went in greeting your mom as you two headed upstairs.

"Let's see what you have to wear," she says goin through your closet.

"What's wrong with what I got on?" you asked defensively like.

"Sherryl you can't where school  clothes to football game and you have to look good for when Stefan asked you out," she pointed out.

"Whatever." You say.

She soon found an outfit. It was may out so she dressed you in a pair of denim blue jean shorts and a multi-colored striped  shirt. Along with some sandals.

She braided your hair on the side and put some final touches on your makeup,which was very lightly.

You actually liked your final look.

You actually liked your final look

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"I actually love it," you said surprised

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"I actually love it," you said surprised.

"Thanks," Sammie smiled.

It was almost time for the game so you and Sammie headed out to her Jeep and drove to the high school,once parked you saw Elena and Caroline waiting for the two of you.

"Hey girls, looking great  sherryl," Caroline complimented.

"Thanks," you reply.

The football players were on the field as the Coach was going over the play by play with the team.

You spotted Stefan, his jersey number being 'number 17' he was sitting listening to the Coach. You always thought he looked good in his jersey. Sammie caught you staring and smirked.

"Take a picture it'll last longer," she whispered and you blushed.

"Shut up." you shoved her playfully.

The referee blue the whistle and the other team got the ball first. Stefan chases after the player knocking him down before he could make a touchdown.

Everyone in the stands cheered including you.

Tyler has the ball with Stefan on his side and Tyler passes it to Stefan and runs and makes the first touchdown of the night.

The game had ended with the Mystic Falls cyclones winning 13-6.

You were happy that Stefan's team had won.

As you and Sammie were leaving you heard someone calling your name,it was Stefan.

"Hey Sherryl, can I talk to you for a minute.

"Uh s-sure," you stammered.

"I was wondering if you liked to go out with me tonight on a date?" he asked.

"I'd love to," you replird smiling

"Okay wait by the locker rooms for me so I can change then we can go," he explained.

Sammie and the girls come up to say goodbye and to text them about details.

You rolled your eyes but agreed.

Stefan came out all fresh out of the shower and wearing jeans with a black t shirt.

"Ready to go?" he asked and you  nod.

You got into Stefans car and he drives to your destination.

You have a light conversation as he drives. He pulls up to the Mystic Grill.

"Hope this place is okay,"


He opened the door for you and you sit at a table near the back. Your friend Matt comes up.

"Hey guys what can I get you?''

"I'll have a hamburger and fries with a Coke," Stefan replied.

"I'll have the same," you chimed in.

"Okay be back with your drinks later,"

"So what did you think of the game?"

"It was great you player amazingly,"

"Thank you, so what do you like to do in your spare time?" Stefan asked.

"I like to read, listen to music,hang out with friends,"


Matt sits your drinks and food down and you both ate as you get to know one another.

"So you must be thinking why did I ask you out all of a sudden," you nod in agreement

"Yes actually,'

"Well I overheard Sammie telling Elena and Caroline that you always had a crush on me and do I knew I had a chance then so now we're here,"

"Yeah Sammie told me she overheard you talking to your friends about asking me out but I didn't believe her,"

"Yes I liked you since freshman year, but I always thought you would think I was some dumb jock," he said.

"No, I don't think that,"

"Good." he smiled.

After you finished your meal he takes you home.

"Thank you for going out with me,I had a nice time,"

"Me too,"

Stefan gives you a kiss on your cheek and you blush.

After that night you and Stefan ended up going on a second where he asked you to be his girlfriend. You couldn't be happier.

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