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    If she had to read another line of environmental law, Catalina was going to shoot herself.

    She looked out the window, where thankfully, there was nothing even remotely related to law. Her eyes wandered, taking in the brilliant red-gold of the fallen leaves, the bright hue of the afternoon sky, and—Jae talking to a girl.

    The first thing Catalina noticed was her hair. Not because it was luscious and goddess-tier, but simply because it was pink. Muted pink. Waves of silvery-rose fell to her waist. Her exposed waist. Holy hell, wasn't she cold? Still, Catalina had to admire some people's dedication to fashion.

    And God, were her eyebrows on fleek.

    Weird, he hadn't said anything about meeting anyone. Jae shouldn't have hidden it. He was allowed to talk to whomever he wanted. Though, he also had the right not to tell them who he was meeting.

    "What?" Daniel asked.

    Catalina's eyes snapped back to her present company.

    Daniel lifted an eyebrow, straightening as he looked up from his notes.

    "Just...it's Jae." She pointed. "He's talking to someone."

    Both Daniel and Andrea turned, looked out the window and spotted him seated on a bench with a girl. Andrea blinked and then turned her attention back to her textbook.

    Catalina and Daniel watched as the pair stood from the bench and with a smile, Jae nodded at her.

    Why did he smile? Catalina eyed him carefully as he parted ways with the girl and headed back to the library entrance.

    They spotted Jae walking towards them and they immediately fell silent. They just stared at one another, exchanging glances and gestures. Someone had to bring it up.

    "You gonna ask him, or what?" Andrea clicked her pen. "It's not like he's cheating on you. If anything you're the one cheating."

    "What?" Catalina's brows knitted together and as she leaned forward in her seat, she caught the glare in Andrea's eyes.

    Andrea didn't bother looking up from her book for a single second before Jae sat down at the table. He barely acknowledged the rest as he went back to dutifully finishing his lab research.

    Catalina raised her eyebrows at Daniel, hoping he'd bring up the subject.

    Daniel returned the look, tilting his head towards Jae. He moved his lips, encouraging Catalina to ask.

    She shook her head. Waving her hand, she accusingly pointed at Daniel.

    He mouthed a couple of 'no's and the silent bickering continued. Jae continued his work, oblivious. Catalina clicked her tongue and Andrea finally lifted her head.

    "Pare de joder ," she hissed and Catalina pouted.

    Jae lifted his head from his hand and looked between the two girls. "I'm starving," he grumbled.

    Catalina nodded. "Same! How 'bout we go get something to eat?"

    He nodded and began packing his things.

    They all left the library, Andrea and Jae walking ahead of Catalina and Daniel. The latter pair whispered about the unknown girl Jae had met up with. Of course there wasn't much to read into but...the smile that he'd given her. Jae barely smiled at Catalina, even less so when they first met.

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