"I'm Markelle." He sticks his hand.

"Genesis stop being social and help the res for God's sake!" I hear the coach hollering at me.

"Fuck." I mumble. "Yes, Coach." I sarcastically say. I take the boy's hand. "Genesis and now get off my sight before I end up in detention." I reply and he nods running away. "Hold on!" I yell and he stops. I throw him the ball that hit my head and he catches it. "Now, go."

I keep helping the rest of the team, today's practice has been pretty light. The boys are playing a game and I'm only watching sitting next to the coach. "Genesis." George says and I stop looking at the game to pay attention to him. "We have a game on Wednesday and I need to pick the team." He explains and I nod. "Since you've been helping me out these days, I would like to have your help picking the starters." 

"Are you sure?" I ask confused and he chuckles. 

"Well, if we lose I'm blaming you." He admits and I sigh.

"Okay, um. I think you should start him." I point to a boy playing defense. "I'm sorry I don't know their names." I shrug and he smiles. 

"That is Marcus." He mentions.

"Okay, Marcus, uh." I take a look at the rest. "Brandon and Kyle should also be in but I honestly don't know." I confess not knowing shit about it. 

"I think Lonzo will be in too." He comments.

"What about Josh?" I ask.

"He is not showing up for practice, he is definitely not going to be in the team this week." He spats getting up from his seat to holler something at the guys.

Once the practice it's done I walk to the girl's locker room to get my stuff. I hear someone opening the door and I turn around confused because there is no cheerleader practice today, so no other girl than me is here.

"Genesis." Jessica calls out my name.

"Oh hey, what's up?" I ask noticing her worried face.

"I need to talk to you." She says in a serious tone and I nod.

"Sure, tell me." I reply to seating on a bench.

"Not here." She mentions. "Can we meet tomorrow at the mall before school?"

"Yeah, of course." I agree. "Is everything okay?"

"I don't know." She admits. "I gotta go but see you tomorrow." She quickly disappears through the door.

I finish grabbing my stuff and leave the room. At the door I see Kyle leaning on the wall with his phone on his hands, once he sees me he turns it off. "Ready?" He questions me while putting it on his pocket.

"Yup." I reply while walking towards his car, he is taking me home.

"Was that Jessica in there?" He asks.

"Yeah, she said we have to talk." I shrug. "I bet it's related to Josh." I comment. "By the way, have you talked to him?" 

"No, when I went to look for him he wasn't there anymore." He adds.

"Shit, do you know where he lives?"

"Yeah, he is my friend." He answers in an obvious tone.

"I think we should pass by, cheer him up or something." I suggest.

"I don't know." He admits. "When he behaves like this he just wants to be left alone."

"We all want that but deep inside we just want someone to care enough to actually stay for us." I confess while getting inside his car.

"If he kicks us out, I'm blaming you." He replies while starting the car.

"I'll take the blame!" I smile. "Now, let's go, he missed practice a lot and the coach doesn't want to play him."

"How do you know?" He asks surprised. 

"I helped him today picking up the starters." I lay out. "Don't worry I mentioned all of you, but he has the last word."

"Damn I gotta start competing with the rest of my teammates now?" He jokes.

"No, you are your own competition, you're competing with yourself." I spat.

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