"Yeah my ass, I bet 10 bucks his girlfriend told him." Lonzo interrupts chewing gum.

"Now we gotta start the 'Ingram's girlfriend search'." Michael jokes and I nod.

"I know exactly where to start." Lonzo remarks smirking.

We hear the bell ring and we all separate going to our classes. I still find it weird that Josh ain't here yet. 

A few minutes later inside the class, I don't even realize that the professor is calling my name. "Sorry, Sir." I apologize.

"It's fine, where is your partner Hart?" He questions me and I shrug.

"I have no idea." I sincerely admit.

"I saw him while I was walking here." He sighs. "Please do me a favor and look for him around the school, if you find him, tell him to come or he is getting detention." He demands and I nod getting up from my seat, just grabbing my phone but leaving the rest of my stuff there.

I walk all over school but still can find Josh, the only place that I haven't been being the gym. I slowly open the door and let myself in. I notice Josh sitting at the top of the bleachers. "Josh!" I holler at him and he gets scared. "What are you doing here?" I ask him while walking up to him.

"Thinking." He lays out and I notice his red eyes, is he high or has been crying?

"The professor made me look for you, we have to head back to the class," I state and he sighs.

"Tell him I left because I wasn't feeling good." He says.

"I'm not gonna sit here stone-faced as if you are not here, I can you see that I've been crying," I reply.

"I'm fine, you don't really need to be in everyone's business." He spats.

"Okay, if that is how you want it I'm gonna leave," I say getting up from beside him and walking back to the classroom. He hasn't said a word.

Before I get inside I quickly text the guys.

gang gang


"ask permission to go to the bathroom and help your boy out, who is crying on the bleachers."

I send it and enter the class. "I couldn't find him anywhere Sir." I lie while taking a seat and he nods, not quite believing my words.

Something must be going on with Josh, I think to myself. Anyways, today the boys have practice so I know for sure, it's gonna be a long day and I'm not even excited about it.

❥ ❥ ❥

"I'm tired!" I sigh while sipping off the sweat from my forehead.

"You should get fit as soon as possible." Lonzo chuckles while everyone is practicing their shooting and I have to be all over the place picking hailing them the balls.

One of the guys shoots badly and the balls end up hitting my head, making everyone laugh and I just sigh. "You're dead!" I point to the unknown boy.

"I'm sorry!" He shouts running towards me. 

"It's good, as long as you didn't intend to hit my head." I spat and he smiles.

"Well if that is the only way to get your attention." He smirks.

"Okay, don't." I stop him and he laughs.

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