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"Thanks," I tell Grayson and get off his car. He is being protective and taking me everywhere since Saturday.

I make my way to the school entrance to find Brandon leaned on my locker. "Hey there." He smiles at me.

"How are you, Brandon?" I ask while putting some of my books inside of it.

"Hold in on, what about you?" He questions while helping me.

"Well, life is difficult," I reply nonchalantly.

"Difficult takes a day, impossible takes a week." He quotes Jay-Z.

"The man is right. But how long can I survive with this mentality?" I rhetorically ask him as I see the rest of the guys getting closer.

"I kinda missed your ugly face." Lonzo spats and I roll my eyes.

"I definitely did not miss yours," I respond. 

"Does anyone has pain killers? My head is killing me!" Michael says and I deny with my head.

"I do," Kyle speaks while looking for them inside his backpack.

"Where is Josh?" I ask realizing he is not here.

"You always ask that, do you got a thing for the guy or something?" Lonzo jokes.

"Do you ever stop being a pain in the ass?" I ironically ask.

"No, but I can be in your..." And right before he finishes that sentence we all scream "NO!" He just laughs.

"Dude, don't need to be so explicit all the time it's like 9 AM, chill!" Brandon sighs.

"I need to find new friends who let me be me!" He screams chuckling. 

"No Sir, you need a girl and that is a fact," I say and he frowns.

"Only one?" He mumbles confused.

"You need just one, a good one, plus I need a girl to hang out and talk trash about y' all." I spat.

"My friend over here." Michael shoves Brandon. "Might be with someone." He wiggles his brows as Brandon's eyes get wide open.

"Bro!" He yells and punches him on the arm.

"Who is this mysterious woman?" I ask jokingly.

"None of y' all's business!" He states and we laugh. "Plus don't be acting like a fool you too that have been hanging around without us!" He says pointing at me and Kyle and my face goes red.

"He was just being a good friend and worrying about me, plus how do you even know that?" I question him.

"Oh, I know everything about everyone." He responds. "I'm a Virgo, we know everything."

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