Chapter 2

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A friend, a father, a brother.

Bikers from every city were scattered all over the clubhouse. It was tradition that when a brother passed everyone came together to celebrate his life. Tommy's service was beautiful and it made me realise life was too short.

Holding onto Everleigh' hand tight I smiled and greeted every person I passed. My baby was tired and in need of a nap.

"Little Ava now has an even littler Ava".

Grinning at him I rolled my eyes "Little Ava ain't so little anymore. How you doing Marko?"

"I Everleigh".......

"Ah I see she has her mothers attitude already" He chuckled placing a kiss on my cheek. "You look good darling".

"Thanks Marko I'm-..".

"Mommy" She groaned her little hand squeezing mine.

"I know a tired kid when I see one" He laughed "Ill catch up with you later".

It was nice to see everyone again. All the girls were here and I burst into tears as soon as I saw Ally. She still wasn't married, refused to let Cage put a ring on it until I was home. Ridiculous and crazy but that was how my best friend worked. I hadn't spoke with Blaze hadn't really seen him throughout the service but I knew he was here somewhere and I knew he was watching. Damn hairs on the back of my neck stood up every time he was close.

"Come on baby lets go nap" Lifting her into my arms I started to make my way through the back when a hand on my arm stopped me.

"Leighton's out cold" My mom chuckled "And it looks like this little monkey isn't far behind. Put her in with him I've got monitors everywhere".

Damn!! Is it bad I wanted to take her so I could nap too? Today had been a sad and emotional day and I didn't really want to be around when it gets rowdy because let's be honest they'll send him off in style.

"Ava she'll be fine now come on I still need to get food out the oven". And off she went running around daft making sure everyone was satisfied. One thing I learned about my mom when you're in her house you go by her rules.

"Yes ma'am" I saluted continuing on my way to put my sleeping child down. Standing in the door way I continued to watch as she lay sleeping. That little girl had no idea how much she was loved and how special she was. She held my heart in those tiny little hands. With one last look I left making my way back out front to again smile and greet people I hadn't seen in years.

"Eh where's my fav girl" Ally asked her hands firmly placed on her hips. "I need to see that cute little face at least 1 hundred times a day" She grinned handing me a glass of wine.

"Just look over in the corner pretty sure it'll be like looking at her"

Making a face she slipped her arms around my neck and pulled me in for a hug "Doesn't really give me the same joy. Looking at him makes me want to commit murder".

"Amen sister" Giving her a high five I sat my wine down more in the mood for a beer. I had gone off wine after I had Everleigh. It just didn't taste the same anymore.

Placed in front of me was a red coloured shot that I definitely didn't order. Frowning I looked around the bar but everyone was stuck in deep conversation.

"Courtesy of the blond" Kelsey piped up as she pointed across the room my eyes landing on Lexi. Shaking my head I lifted the shot raised it to her and downed it.

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