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Kentrell Desean Gaulden

I got out the car before walking up on Tiyanna's porch. Her and her pussy Ass boyfriend had me fucked up

I rung the door bell 3 times before she came to the door

"Kentrell what, you got Kamyrnn now what?" she said crossing her arms

"what the fuck you mean now what?" she sound dumb as hell "why you let that nigga put his hands on Kamyrnn?"

"Cause she bad as hell, and she act like she ain't got no home training. She to fucking grown for me, she need her ass whoop"

"your dumb as fuck, but that ain't my business. Where yo' bitch ass boyfriend?" I asked looking behind her in the house to see if I could see him

"he watching tv, and he not with that gay shit, so get on" I mugged her hard as hell

"Ian gay, I'm finna beat his ass" I bluntly told her

"no you not, so back up out my yard . I'm finna call the police" Aight cool cause ian going back and fourth

"yeah whatever, yall just see me at court tomorrow at 8" I threw the court papers at her and walked off back to my car

I'm tryna get custody of Kamyrnn cause she ain't finna be living in no hell house.

Everything that's going on causing me to have to cancel my shows, studio sessions, interviews, and everything else. It's worth it though

I got home, and went up to Kamyrnn room. Her ass was slumped with the tv on. I snatched the sheets off her and she jumped up

"that's not funny" she mugged me as she pulled the cover back on her. I was laughing so hard

"Kam get up, for real" I told her cause we was bout to go to a family cookout. I had some work to do, but ion see my family as much as I want to so I'm going

"no, why?" she mumbled under the cover

"we going to a cookout, so put something decent on. Not to grown cause I know how you can get when you putting them outfits together" she sat up and smiled

"my outfits be the shit" she started laughing

"Ima let that one slide, but get ready" I let her skip school  cause she had already went to bed late, and she was gone be tired. On top of that we still got a lot going on from the other night

I left out her room and went to go get ready. About a hour later I was done, so I went downstairs to get something to eat. A few minutes later Kamyrnn cane downstairs

"how long we finna be at this cookout?" she asked standing in the middle of the kitchen watching me find something to cook

"why you got somewhere to be?" Fuck no.

"nah" okay

"Ion know how long, but that shirt or whatever it is Gotta go" I told her and she looked down at her outfit

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