Ch 4 Part 6

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3rd Pov

the kids scurried over to the two brothers, making sure not to make any noise and risk ruining their moment.

   they all took notice of the younger denbrough's severed arm. y/n clasped her hand to her mouth at the sight of the younger boy who she used to have little play dates with. she resisted the urge to scream.

   "georgie." bill mumbled.

   "why did it take you so long?" the younger boy whined.

   "i-i-i was looking for you this whole time."

   "i didn't know how to get out of here. he said that he was going to give the boat back, billy.  i couldn't keep up with it."

   "she, ge-ge-georgie. we call boats she." bill stuttered, awestruck by the sight of pennywise as his younger brother.

   he knew that georgie would've remembered that bill told him that, this is when he realized that georgie had been dead all along.

   "take me home, billy. I want to go home. I miss you. I want to be with mom and dad." georgie began to cry which only made bill start to bawl.

   "i wa-wa-want more than anything in the world for you t-t-t-to go home. w-with mom and dad. i miss you so much." bill replied

   "i love you, billy." georgie pouted.

    "i love you too, but you're not georgie." bill rose mike's airgun up to the younger boys head as georgie began audibly whimpering and bill quickly, pulled the trigger.

   gasps were heard as georgie collapsed to the ground, blood gushing out of the wound that bill had gifted him with.

   beverly clung onto richie, fearfully and eddie took y/n's hand in his to comfort her.

   a minute went by and nothing happened to georgie's body.

   just as the group began thinking that bill had actually murdered the real georgie, the body that belonged to georgie began to shake, violently and georgie's screams of agony were heard, echoing in the whole sewer.

   the boy began transforming into the killer clown who went by the name pennywise. once the transformation was complete, the clown sat upright in an unnatural way. he just sat there, his yellow eyes crossed.

   bill rose the airgun up to his head once again, preparing to end the clown for good.

   "it's not loaded." mike yelled once he realized what bill was about to do.

   "do it, bill! kill him!" the other kids screeched over mike's voice.

   "its not loaded!" mike repeated, even louder.

   the auburn haired boy hadn't heard mike so he went ahead and shot the clown  anyway.

pennywise's face made an indent where the bullet would've struck as if to sickly mock the kids.

pennywise flung it's head backwards and shook violently from one side to the other as the kids screamed and tried to back away from it.

the clown ran forwards, the indent of the bullet fading just as quickly as it appeared.

the kids were spreading apart like the plague to try to escape. but as vulnerable and almost fully defenseless as bill was, the clown decidedly made him his number one target. he lunged at bill as richie yelled for bill to watch out.

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