Chapter 1

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Willow looked at her abstract painting. She was in her painting class at her school. It was most definitely her favorite class but the teacher was horrible. Ms. Dens was the art teacher and she is one of the WORST people on earth. Literally. She always assigned stupid homework assignments and gave detention to everyone. Her fury took out all of the fun in art. Willow sighed and kept taking hesitant glances at the clock that lay on the wall. Three more minutes to go until school was done officially for the year. Time seemed to stop, making Willow even more yearning for the freedom of summer. Two minutes. She looked at her painting again and grimaced at the sight of the awful art she had created. One more minute. Her body ached with excitement. That's when the old loud bell rang. Everyone jumped up and ran out of the classroom, taking Ms. Dens with them, her glasses falling off the edge of her large nose.

Willow threw her notebooks and papers into the trash. She skipped outside into the courtyard of the ugly tan school. She took in a breath of fresh air. She felt a tap on her shoulder, so she turned around. Right there was her best friend Emmy. Emmy was a relatively short girl with a slightly larger figure than Willow. She had long straight blonde hair and dazzling blue eyes. "SCHOOLS OUT FOREVER GURL!!!" Shrieked Emmy in her high pitched voice. "YEAH MAN!!! Until next year," Willow stated. The two laughed softly and hugged. "Sleepover at my house tonight? What you say?" Willow asked. "Fine with me. I will show up at 6 tonight and we will get our freak on," Emmy said and laughed. The two smiled at each other, said their goodbyes and started off home.

Willow was at home, making some brownies when she heard her doorbell ring. She stopped her mixing and approached the door. Her mom wasn't home so she was home alone. She opened the door, expecting to see Emmy gazing brightly at her, but the person who rang the bell wasn't Emmy. It was a man.

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