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I sat and watched as Amy attached herself to Sonic. When Sonic started to say something, Amy turned to me and gave me a smug look. I looked down at my hands as Amy pressed herself against Sonic. I saw Sonic grow slightly uncomfortable at her closeness. 

Amy had found out that I liked Sonic a few months ago and made it her goal to win him over. She no longer held any ties to me, barely ever talking to me unless she was bragging. Tails, Knuckles and Cream knew about the "feud" Amy had made between us. Amy had told Cream and Knuckles about it. Knuckles told Tails in case I ever needed to go somewhere to hide from Amy. 

I don't know what made me like Sonic. He was outgoing and heroic while I was more shy and reserved. I did help the others when trouble started, making sure civilians were safe and everything. I loved going on adventures, but only with my close friends. I always knew that Amy probably had a better shot at being his girlfriend than I did. 

Knuckles sat down next to me and almost glared at Amy. It bothered him that Amy was treating me so poorly over a crush. I turned to him and shook my head. He grumbled and handed me a lemonade.

"Does she ever give up," Knuckles asked, whispering so Amy didn't hear.

I shrugged and took a sip of my lemonade. I looked over and saw Cream talking to Amy, wanting Amy to help her with flower crowns for everyone. The pair walked off after a while and Sonic walked over to Knuckles and I. I stared at my lemonade as he sat down. Knuckles handed him a lemonade.

"Thanks Knucks," Sonic said.

"Glad to be away from her for a little bit," Knuckles asked.

"Yes, as much as I don't want to say it. She's become clingy all of a sudden. Do you guys know why?"

I shook my head quickly and I saw Knuckles frown at me. Tails flew over and stood at the table. I looked at him, feeling a blush form on my face. Sonic was staring at me. I could see him from the corner of my eye.

"Hey, Y/n, can you come help me with something real quick," Tails asked.

"Sure," I replied.

I stood up and followed Tails back to the shop. I sat down next to his toolbox as he went back to work on a new machine of his. I sighed and looked at my lap.

"Thanks," I whispered.

"You're welcome. You should be more careful. If Amy sees you with Sonic, she'll throw a huge fit," Tails said.

"I know. I can't stop him from being around me though. I can't control people's actions."

Tails looked up at me and nodded. I did have the ability to control things, such as objects and elements, but never people. The shop was quiet, aside from the occasional conversation between Tails and I. We both went to check on the others after a while and saw that Amy and Cream had returned. Flower crowns were on everyone's head except mine and Tails'. Tails walked over and Cream immediately put a crown on his head. I smiled before feeling something be placed on my head. I looked up and saw Cheese floating above me. The small Chao had placed a flower crown on my head.

"Thank you Cheese," I said.

"Hey, Y/n," Amy shouted.

I saw Cheese look at Amy before flying back to Cream. I looked at Amy as she grabbed my arm. I looked at her confused before she smiled at the others.

"We'll be back guys, I need to talk to Y/n for a second in private," Amy said.

She dragged me away from the group and I glanced back at them. Cream looked worried for me as Tails and Knuckles sent me upset looks. Once we were away from the others, Amy let go of me and her smile left.

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