[ch. 9] hey romeo and juliet

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"GUYS" Sophie yelled. 


"what is an 'amusement part'?" Lihn asked. 

Sophie proceeded to explain what an amusement park was. 

"So we'd have to go to the Forbidden Cities?" Tam asked. 

"Yeah, is that too rebellious for you, Bangs Boy?" Keefe teased.

Tam made a not-so-kind hand gesture and continued being emo. 

Everyone decided that going to the amusement park was a great and productive way to spend their time, so they went. Dex hacked an ATM and got them all a lot of money. 

The second they got there, Biana freaked out because she saw a face-painting booth and a henna booth. She grabbed Keefe and made him go with her, leaving Dex, Lihn, Sophie, and Fitz. 

Some girls noticed Tam and they blushed as he pulled on his bangs insecurely. Lihn gave them a look and they averted their stares to Fitz. Sophie then got jealous and grabbed Fitz's hand. The girls left. 

"TAM WE HAVE TO GO THERE!" Lihn screamed, pointing at a drop tower.

Tam laughed and Dex said "OOOOH I'M COMING WITH YOU GUYS!" and Lihn linked their arms together, and the three of them left, leaving Sophie and Fitz.

"FITZ! I want a teddy bear!" she squealed. Fitz laughed and paid the dude at the place where you throw a baseball at a target to get prizes. 

He tried at least 15 times before he gave up and declared it was rigged. 

Sophie smiled and sweetly asked the man for a baseball. He gave her one, and she hit the target in one try. Fitz stared at her in disbelief before mumbling something under his breath. 

"What was that?" she asked. "Nothing." he said, kissing her cheek. She smiled and scrunched her nose in thought, trying to figure out what teddy bear to choose from.

Then, Fitz dragged her to a ride. They stood in line, and Sophie started playing with her necklace. "What's wrong?" Fitz asked her. "Nothing, I'm just a little scared." she replied. 

"Aww, baby!" he said, nuzzling her with his nose. She giggled as he hugged her. "It'll be fine. Tell me if you don't wanna go, okay?" 

"No, it's fine. I'll do it." 

Fitz smiled and kissed her softly. 

"Hey Romeo and Juliet, it's your turn." the grumpy lady at the front said. They blushed and got into the carts.

The ride started and Sophie gripped Fitz's hand. As the ride progressed, all they could hear were screams of excitement, most being let out by Sophie. 

When the ride was finished, she squealed and said "AGAIN!"

Fitz laughed and said, "Let's do another!"

As they were finding another ride to go to, they ran into Keefe (lol what are the odds am I right) who was being dragged somewhere else by Biana. 

"UGH FOSTERRR!" Keefe said. "What?" Sophie responded.

"Biana just made me go to the love boat thing. ITS A SCAM, DON'T GO. It's the cheesiest thing ever. Well, I mean, you and Fitzypoo are a little cheesy, so I don't know you might like it." Fitz said a not so nice word and Sophie laughed. "Fitz, wanna trade girlfriends for a little?" Keefe asked, winking at Sophie. 

Fitz growled. "First of all, no. Second of all, Biana is my sister."

Keefe whistled and said, "Okay, fine."

 "Well, see you later!" Biana said, dragging Keefe away. 

ok I'm thinking part 2 of this? 

what do you guys think 

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