Stage Thirteen

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"Yeah your caught now Boy Scout

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"Yeah your caught now Boy Scout. Why not tell the court how your fucking my baby mama and trying to take my daughter!"

Chase just smiled turning facing the judge and jury. I swear my heart is racing like a damn horse. Even with all the reassurance and practice of what can happen just being here is nerve racking. I know for a fact Gabe is only doing this to hurt me he doesn't give a damn about my child.

He's like a kid who sees another playing with their toy. Before they aren't even worried about the toy but seeing something else with it makes them want it.

"You think you've done something huh? I have nothing to daughter and Ms Robinson's go to the same school and have developed a beautiful friendship in fact they are together at this moment with my clients mother. The only reason Mr Neverson brought this up is well he admitted to thinking I am trying to take his place. Why we may ask I cannot give a answer since the only time he has witnessed us together was at her home. Do you recall that day Mr Neverson?"

I smiled but not to hard. Chase wasnt playing when he said he's a great lawyer he is destroying this fool.

"I mean yeah but-"

"So you remember the outcome of that day?"

"Yeah it's why we're here now."

"Correct. Ladies and gentlemen you have been left out on some information. Mr Neverson was allowed to be with his daughter after the time he saw her but he took advantage of that time. He returned with her child way pass the time he was suppose to. Ms Robinson was left scared to death after doing what she thought was best for her child. How would you feel knowing you're child may be in harms way and there's nothing you can do until the period of 48 hours is up?" He walks up to the jury speaking low and calm. "Me being there was just your worst nightmare....instead of trying to do things the right way we're here debating on who this child should be with. Her mother the only parent she's ever known or this stranger who calls himself her father."

"I am her father!"

"According to who? You may step down."

Gabe chuckled standing before launching at Chase. Security was quick to grab him as chase stood his head held high. He didn't even flinch a bit just buttoned his suit jacket. The judge warned him she would throw him and this case out if he did it again.

I felt Gabe looking at me but made sure I kept my head straight. Chase warned me how during if things aren't going Gabe's way he might try to intimidate me so my best bet is to just avoid him altogether.

"I'd like to bring up a character witness." Chase calls out Winter. "Please state you're relationship with both parties here."

"I work at Gabe's club was at one time involved with him during their relationship and now I am best friends with your client." She smiled at me.

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