The Start of Something New

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A/N: another one-shot that I thought I would share with you all! again you don't need to know Wicked to read this!

“Seriously Fiyero, if you keep on moping around the apartment like this, I will hurt you!” Boq exclaimed to Fiyero, who was making his way over to plop down on the couch.

Fiyero had just been dumped by the beautiful, popular Galinda Upland, and he wasn’t taking it well. He had taken the ‘girl approach’ to the situation and spent his time sniffling (not crying… that was outrageous!) and eating ice cream, while watching sappy romantic movies. Boq, as Fiyero’s loyal and honourable best friend, took it upon himself to find a way out of the hole of depression the young prince was digging himself, and he had the perfect solution!

“You know what you should do tonight?” asked Boq, sitting across from Fiyero.

“Ummm, watch Oztanic again?” Fiyero ‘sniffled’, rubbing his nose with a tissue.

“Noooooooo...” Boq said slowly. “You should go out on the speed dating quest they are hosting at the Shiz Café!”

“The whaty-what-whateee?” asked Fiyero in complete and utter bewilderment.

“Theeee Shizzzzz Cafeeeeeé,” said Boq, even slower than last time.

“For what, did you say?” Fiyero asked, straightening his posture slightly and rubbing his eyes.

“Speed dating! I’ve heard it’s really fun and an easy way to get to know more girls,” Boq said, raising his eyebrows and gently nudging Fiyero with his elbow.

“Maybe…” Fiyero stood up and disappeared into his bedroom, somewhere Boq had never dared to go.  So he sat there waiting for any sign of life coming from the doorway leading into the room in which he was forbidden. To his surprise and excitement, the shower started running, which could mean only one thing….


An hour and a half later, Fiyero looked half presentable and able to be seen in public again. Boq dragged him out of the apartment and down the stairs into the courtyard, before feeling safe that Fiyero was not going to run back up to his room and enjoy some more sappy romantic movies and gain another few pounds worth of ice cream. The two boys walked through the across the campus at an incredibly slow rate, due to Fiyero’s laziness to conform to Boq’s wish to move faster. Girls, and some boys, would turn to look at them walking with awe and amazement.  Prince Fiyero had not been seen for three weeks since the very public and utterly shocking breakup of Shiz’s dream couple. Some murmured between themselves, while others just gaped as the prince and his loyal comrade walked through the courtyard.  By the time the two boys arrived at The Shiz Café everyone was already seated at their designated tables.  The only seat left was directly across from a blonde girl with amazing brown eyes, so Fiyero sat there.

“Your time will start in thirty seconds! You have five minutes to get as much, or as little, information out of your partner as possible. Men, you will then swap tables and repeat with the girl on the right of you,” exclaimed the announcer (Fiyero couldn’t remember for the life of him what the dude was called), waving his stop watch in the air.

Fiyero glanced at the girl who was across from him. She was pretty, he could admit that, but what caught his attention the most was the fact that she was staring at his hair.

“GO!” called the announcer.

“HI!” the girl exclaimed, practically jumping in her seat.

“Ummm… hi?” Fiyero replied, clearly taken aback that he was actually doing this.

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