Chapter 4.

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Chases p.o.v
I think kylie is being abused. I don't know who's doing it. Does she have a boyfriend? Maybe he did this...
I see her sliding down the wall crying and I hide behind the hall watching her feel her arm and flinching maybe out of pain? Damn she's beautiful. I like her. I hope she's ok I need to check on her.

Kylie's p.o.v
I whimper and I suddenly hear the squeaks of shoes next to me from someone sliding down the wall next to me.
"Kylie" Chase said as he puts his hand under my chin so I'm looking at him. He wipes my tears with his thumb "what's wrong ky"
"Uh-h eh I-eh u-h" I said barley could speak
"Shhhh it's ok kylie just breathe princess"
Next thing I knew I bursted out into tears with my face on chases chest and I'm in his arms. He's rubbing my back and while he did that he lifted up my sleeve on my shirt and saw my bruise and cut from the glass and chair. "Kylie.... what is that?"

"Uhhmm I fell and bruised myself sorry"

"One why are you sorry... two, who did this to you kylie I can help you."
My cheeks were hot as I squeezed chases hand and held back tears.

"U-m my m-om she uh- uh she"
"Hurts you?" He interrupted
I nodded and he said "oh my gosh Kylie" as he pulled me into his chest I tried to stop crying but I couldn't hold it it any longer. I took deep breaths as he kept saying "shhh it's going to be okay I'm gonna help you"

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