Chapter 3.

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***skip to mid project***
"No way!" Chase said "you like pugs too?!"
Chase asked me with a big smile
"Yea, I have one" I said in a quite tone.
"Me too. Also, are you ok? I saw what those girls did to you" he says putting his hand on my shoulder
"Ah" I gasped an pulled away "hey hey are you ok??" He asked

SHIT he touched my bruise

"Oh yea sorry" I said rubbing my arm
"What happened to your arm?" He asked started to get suspicious
"Uh nothing I fell ill be right back I have to go to the bathro-"

He interrupted me "Kylie what really happened" I start to tear up and run out of the door

"Chase," my friend Riley whispered

"Just go to her and ask her if someone hurt her. We all think something happened yesterday but didn't wanna make her cry. She seems to feel better around you. I mean y'all have a lot in common."

"Ok I will" chase said running after me.

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