Chapter 2.

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I suddenly wake up and fall off my bed. I whimpered because I fell on my bruise.

Well time for school.... ughhhhh

I run downstairs out The doors before my mom throws a glass cup at me. I breathe out with my teeth clenched together about to cry because my arm was covered in glass

I quickly ran to school and go straight to the bathroom. I Pick all the glass out in my arm.

Then I heard the bell ring. I was on my way to my first period covering up my arms with my hands over my backpack straps so nobody saw too much under the makeup. I got to class and took a seat.

"Hey Kylie.. your hair is a mess! You should wash it up a bit!" And then she poured a bottle of water on my head.

I don't think about it anymore. It's just whatever.
"Okay class listen up!" Ugh kill me now...

"Today I'm going to assign you with someone I don't usually see you talk to and we are going to have the partners talk about things they both like.. it's like an ice breaker!"

"Elisabeth, go with Lauren
James with Riley
Margot with Sara
the room went silent as our teacher was thinking...
"Chase.... um, go with........... oh! Kylie!"
Suddenly I get butterflies in my stomach because I like him. He walked up to me with a small smile on his face. "Hey Kylie" he pulls a chair up to my desk and smiles really cute
"Hey chase"
"So uhmm I guess we have to stay stuff we like and see if we agree?" He asked, ugh his eyes are beautiful.

"Yea sounds good" I say

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