chapter 1.

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"I can't believe I had a worthless daughter like you" my mom says. My hands begin to shake and my eyes water.
My name is Kylie, and since I was a little girl my mother has been very abusive. She does all sorts of things. kick, punch, Choke, spit on me. It's exhausting. Now I'm 15 I'm almost old enough to make the decision of living with my father, I only see him 50% of the time. I haven't told him about this. I cover up the bruises with concealer. A LOT of concealer. I just wish I didn't live knowing my mother hates me. She wants me gone.
"What did I do to you?" I whisper starring at her with tears in my eyes. "Just you being here is enough annoyance for me." *SLAP* she slaps me right across the face and punches me in the nose. She looked pushed me against the chair and I got a cut in my arm.

That. That's what I go through every FUCKING day. Well, except the days I'm with my dad. Those are amazing. He loves me. So does my stepmom. They all care and they actually wanna hear my opinion on things.

ugh. School......
Opinion on it? Ehh. Hate it.
Girls are mean. Boys are gross, well except a few....
I really like one of the boys there. Chase, he's so nice to me in all my periods (except 5th period I don't have him in that class) but, besides that.... there's just negativity

My ex embarrassed me claiming I payed him to date him.  His new gf is so rude to me. Her friends hate me. Those Girls every day tell me to kill myself, call me ugly.

It's now night time around 11:28 pm, I stare at the ceiling and just wonder why everyone hates me. Sometimes I even feel like The nicest people hate me like chase.
Yea he's nice to me. But the only thing we really do is hi, bye and sometimes we "have to" be partners in 3rd period. Because his friends weren't there. But I just hate myself.

I then drift off to sleep.

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