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Farve University, I am finally here, the place that will help me become  a lawyer, just  like my father before me and my grandpa's before him. 

    It was a long road to get here, hard work is an understatement for all the work I had to put to get in this university because I was never good in school stuff, not that am dumb, but I just never liked to study, I much rather do anything but that, but all I ever wanted to do was be like my father and grandpa that helped people though the law, together they created the Mackenzie and son law firm, the best law firm for people that needed help but could not afford it. They also have a huge profitable construction business that they keep going for our family name, but they say they only do it to keep on helping people

 I could not be more ready for this to begin, I grabbed my backpack from the passenger side of my blue Ford ranger truck and jogged all the way up to my first class,  philosophy. A it was a thing for me I was late, I swear If I get up on time, it doesn't matter what I do, I always get distracted and end up running to places no matter what I do.

 Finally I managed to find the right auditorium and I tried to get in as quiet as possible, but as soon as I opened the door, I noticed the professor hadn't arrived yet, so I relaxed and walked slowly to one of the seats at the middle next to one of my best friends. am about to shout a hey to my friend who I stop dead in my tracks and my whole world tilts, the most beautiful girl I have ever seen is taking a seat right at the road in front of my buddy Matt and its like no one else is in the room anymore, I feel a pull toward her and before I know it my feet are dragging me to her, thankfully before I get to her I stop myself from my trance and take a good look at her  she was writing something on her computer and she had the cutest frown I've ever seen, and I can't believe I just thought that. 

Matt came up to me and patted me on the back bringing me back to reality "That girl you are gawking at his Josephine Davis, and she's completely out of your league Mckenzie" what a beautiful name for an amazing looking girl. 

"OMG dude so you have been rejected by her already?" I said taking a seat behind the dark-haired beauty in the auditorium.

Matt laugh was almost a shout "HA! Man you are funny for a white boy you know that? No girl has ever rejected me" he said seating besides me, "but just so you know that girl Josephine, my sister Mary went to school with her and she is the weirdest and most beautiful girl I have ever seen, but from what I heard, she never talks to people, she's a loner, always  outside with some weird animal and sometimes she even brought some to class, let me tell you kid, you really should never be near rats or pigeons in middle school and yet she was always with some weird companion"

"so she was always alone with animals and people just left her and no one even tried to get to know her?" I asked still staring at her, the feeling of protectiveness washed over me like an instinct.

" I never said no one spoke to her, am telling you people tried to be nice to her, but no one got to be close enough to get her attention and of course the animals didn't help at all cause you know...". I stopped paying attention to Matt when Josephine turned around and and looked at me straight in the eyes, and I sear a have never seen eyes more mesmerizing as hers, they were hypnotic, the color so foreign, I would say they looked  almost purple blackish of some kind, I ve never seen eyes like those.

The weirdest thing happened she started talking to me and I felt something clicked in me I felt a change, but I couldn't put my finger on what was it that was different, and maybe something did in her too cause next thing I know she's talking to me and I didn't even get what she told me "Am sorry what was that?"

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