Chapter 8

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(Here we go~ Chappie 8! This is going to be interesting~ Enjoy my Glitch Hearts~)

To say that Nightmare was tired would be a joke. He was beyond tired.

The talk was too long, them going on about what he may or may not do. Such as hurting Steven being a no go, and he was allowed to go where he wanted.

All in all, Nightmare wondered how they were able to fit in so many words.

They let him leave after three hours, yes three, and he immediately went back to the hill that He had taken a liking to.

He sat down and, almost immediately, Corruption started yelling at him. Jolting, Nightmare pressed his hand against his head, white bangs shifting around his fingers.


"So that was you? Huh. I guessed right then. My SOUL still hurts from that by the way." He listened to Corruption scoff, lowering his hand to rest beside him.

'You deserve it. That better teach you to not be an idiot. If it didn't, then I don't know what will.'

Nightmare rolled his eyes, wondering why he went through with eating the apples, he certainly didn't benefit much from it.

"You are really annoying. You know that, right?"

'No, you are. I want to live, the only way to stay alive is to keep you alive. You die, I die. Simple as that.' Nightmare hummed, leaning back onto his elbows and letting his legs dangle off of the cliff, swinging them back and forth.

"Sure. Whatever you say," Corruption didn't respond after that, but Nightmare knew he was still there. Always there in the darkest recess of his mind.

It irked him, to be honest.

He sat there for another hour, watching as the sky turned orange and magenta before darkening down to black.

The stars weren't all that visible, the city's light pollution out shining most of them.

Nightmare stood up, stretching and listening to his bones popping, feeling his joints ease up.

He shook his hands before teleporting to a cave a little ways off, close to the sea.

He liked it there, the sound of the ocean was calming, and he was able to get comfortable fairly easily.

He had a pillow and blankets along with a mattress and sheets. He never knew gold was worth so much on the surface, not that he's complaining.

He laid down, shifting on the mattress and staring at the cave mouth, briefly wondering how his brother was doing.

He was probably happy without him.

~with Dream~

Ink sighed, marking off another universe whilst Dream cried behind him, clutching his yellow cape close.

Ink knew it held sentimental value, Dream had made it with his brother, so he didn't say much except that he's going to the next universe.

HorrorTale was going to be hard to get through.

~back with Nightmare~

He sighed, closing his eyes and relaxing, feeling his mind wander. The sound of the ocean lulled him to sleep fairly quickly, and he was dozing before he knew it.

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