Santa Clause Robbing A Bank

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Ever Read Those Deal's that Say blah blah blah ... amazing deal ... Spectacular ... One Of a Kind ... Then You Read The small Print and The Deal's Fine Print Say's .. Only applies if Applicant has Fulfilled The " Eat The Ass Of a horse Boiled In Cabbage And Tar And Served With a  Side Of Fuck Me What did I Do " Portion Of The contract. Yup . That's The Kind Of Deal I Made To be A hip-hop Entertainer but We Will Get back To That Later In Life. Right Now We Are 10 Years Old And We Have just Listened To " Regulators " For The First Time While being Locked Ina closest In A room With Nothing in It And Door's Locked From The outside By Psycho Parent's Who believe I Am Possessed With The devil. No Mattress , no blanket's , Not Even a Pillow Yet Here I Was Feeling Like A kid Who Just Caught Santa Clause Robbing The bank To Pay The Elves For Christmas Work And now has The luxury Of Black Mailing the big guy For the Best Christmas Present's That Have Never Existed.

BAM! ! !!! ! ! !


Door Kick's Open Something So Decent I'm Sure the Neighbor Kid's thought The earth Was Falling And Ducked. I Was Scared Shitless... No Seriously yo .. I Wanted To Crap my Pant's To Avoid The Whooping That Was Coming From the Titan killing Monster That just burst Into This Tiny space Like A Cloud Of Ether And Sulphur Encapsulating the Very Cosmic being Known As Satan bellowing Rage And Commanding A Legion Of hell hound's bent On Destruction. 

But It Wasn't Coming Out .. no Feces Would be Released .. I could not Produce A Single piece Of Waste In An Effort To save myself. 

Which Then Meant That This Sea Monster From the Depth's Of Hades Standing in Front of Me Was Really truly about To hurt Me... 

In Fact My Mother beat Me So bad That besides being unable To life a finger Or Say A Word As she Demolished The Walkman, I couldn't go To School For 4 day's. Every Day Of Those 4 Day's I Had To Watch her beat Herself In Front Of Me Telling Me 

" I Am Taking this beating For You. Your A Worthless Weak Sinner " 

yes .. yes i Am A Worthless Weak Sinner ... ( Plz note The Sarcasm Ty ) 

The Fallout From this Incident Would Last Long Thru Out My Life  And Still To This Day it's Destructive Outcome Affects My Memories ,my Love , And My Future in So many Way's.

I Went back To School 5 day's Later To A Very Limited Knowledge That I Was even Gone. Talk About being a nonexistent Existence. The One Person Who Did Realize I Was Gone was The Guidance counselor. Who Called me Into The Office After 1st Period. I Think It was English Class Who Know's Anymore. Sitting In That office Nervous as All Get out I Think I Damn near Burst With Tear's. I Didn't Know why I was here. then Comes The Question 

Is Everything Ok At home ? 

It Was Like This Person Just gutted Me Thru And My Entire insides Were Leaking all Over the Office floor. I Couldn't Stop , I Told the Counselor Everything. 

Talk About Dry Snitching Like A bitch Lol. I Went all out for Informant Of The yr. 10 Years Packed Into One Sentence That Wouldn't Stop And her I Sit A kid Totally Exposed Having Left Everything on The Table.  So guess What happen's . Here Comes The Blur Again. the Blur Is what I call Anytime Part Of a  Memory I Cant remember because My brain Block's It out. What I Do Remember Is Less Than A Month After sitting in The Office , I Would never See My Mother , my Grandmother , Or Any Of That Life For A Very Very Long Time. And I Know That My Mother broke Her Religion Addiction. 

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