113| Guilty Pleasure

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Crawl across the room and dive under the sheets,
Concealing all that's left inside of me,
"Know your way from eyes right into my feet,
And then know your way to my heart to plead"

Cut my hair short so you can't pull anymore,
Oh darling, I have left burns on bathroom floors,
Should have known, dominance is what you do this for,
So turn your lights down and close the door,

And you say, you don't care how long I've been gone,
Yet you care enough to tie me in your empty home,
Bet you thought I was the one who wouldn't fight alone,
But you got me here gnawing off your damn cologne,

Oh breath in, in the last of your oxygen,
Another night, another day another one undone,
Could have asked me first and then given me those burns,
Shouldn't blame it on the world for what you've had become,

Just a bit of poison and you know you're fine,
High on your heart, don't see the warning signs,
Maybe take a walk into the powdered lines,
And come back later just to take your time,

Wasted hearts and palms adorned with holes,
Feels like I've been in ocean full of salty souls,
Downed away a bottle full of alcohol,
and darling, still I don't feel drunk at all.

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