39 ~ I Could Be Your Crush

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Going to Tokyo just for a confession to a boy who probably doesn't even like me back.  How crazy is this?  Why the hell did I even agree to this dumb idea?  If it's not the confession that scares him away,  it'll definitely be the singing. 

I think I'm slowly loosing my mind.

What the fuck have I gotten myself into?

I sat on the train hoping that it might crash so I won't have to do this, when my phone vibrated.

Pink Loving Idiot:

U got this 👍💕

I felt my confidence return and was suddenly more determined to do this.  What could go wrong?

You could make a giant fool of yourself....

This'll go great.

I'm pretty sure your music teacher hated because you sing horriblely.

No problems at all.....

Yeah, right.

I hate life...


The train had way too quick for my liking. I got off the train,  practically drowning in nerves. I made my way towards the Pikachu's school about as slowly as I could, with a little bit of help from Google Maps.

When I finally got there I texted Kaminari.


I'm at ur stupid school wheres ur dorm again.

Most Annoying Pikachu Ever❤:



Don't ask questions just tell me

❤Most Annoying Pikachu Ever❤:

Room 225 do u want me to have the rest of the guys come over?


No I need to talk to u first about something.  U alone?

❤Most Annoying Pikachu Ever❤:

Yeah what's this about? Should I be worried?  R u ok?


What did I say about asking questions.


I'm on my way

Most Annoying Pikachu ever❤:

Sorry baby I'm just a lil confused ;)


Ugh whatever

I pocketed my phone as I reached his dorm room. I somewhat remember the way around this large college,  so it wasn't to hard. The thing that made it difficult were the nerves and the pounding of my heart.  Along with the reminder in the back of my telling me what I was doing here in the first place.

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