letters 1 & 2 : first summer back

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first letter : lillian to harryjuly 10th, 1992

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first letter : lillian to harry
july 10th, 1992.

Dear Harry,

I hope you made it safely to Privet Drive and that your family is not bothering you. Or at least not too much. It feels weird to be away from Hogwarts, don't you think ?
I am currently in my room but I can see Ron running towards my house being chased by the twins. It's quite the funny sight, I wish you could be here to see this. It might be bold of me to ask, but my parents said they were okay with you coming over for a few days if you want ? We could go apple picking with Ron and the twins and there is a quiet river behind my house, we really wish you could come.

I hope they'll let you answer my letter and that they'll let you come over, I've also asked Hermione, I hope she says yes !

I'll see you very soon, I hope !

second letter : harry's answer
july 16th, 1992.

Dear Lillian,

I am sorry it took so long for me to answer your letter, my uncle didn't want to let Hedwige out so I had to wait for them to be gone at the same time.

I also have to check the mail everyday otherwise they might throw away the letters that are mine. And I don't want to miss any mail from you or Ron or Hermione. Even though Ron and Hermione didn't really send me anything..

I wish I could come over for a few days, even just an afternoon but my aunt and uncle made it very clear they would not let me. They keep calling wizards « creepy dump heads », it makes me mad but I can't say anything or they don't let me have any dessert...

I miss Hogwarts and you three a lot. I wish I could see Ron be threatened by the twins and I wish we could go by the river and eat some apples as you said.

I'll talk to you soon, I hope.

. . .

very formal and basic but yeah i kind of like this idea of letters exchange !

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