Chapter Fifteen: Let's Play Connect the Dots!

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Chapter Fifteen: Let’s Play Connect the Dots!

The walk to Dumbledore’s office seemed to take ages. Riley’s mind was still so full of questions and facts and she knew one way or another she was going to get her answers. She didn’t care if it was going on three in the morning.

Quickly greeting the gargoyle that guarded the entrance to the headmaster’s office, (She was so distracted she was surprised she didn’t run into someone out patrolling.) Riley said the password and ran up the steps. She was barley able to keep herself from just barging in; instead she knocked three times and waited, like she had seen McGonagall do so many times before.

As soon as she heard her cue, she waltzed in and started to pace in front of the headmasters desk.

Dumbledore looked up surprised, and opened his mouth to greet his secret-but-unofficially-adopted granddaughter but she cut him off.

“I know who did it— or is going to do it anyway and I know it’s going to be very soon. I also know you know who is going to do it, you just don’t know when. So don’t try to pull that ‘I haven’t a clue what you mean, Riley’, Got it? I want answers— in fact I demand answers, just not in the no from.” As Riley finished her little speech, she stopped pacing and stared unwaveringly at him.

Dumbledore stared back. After a moment he sighed and waved for her to sit. So she did.

“I can not promise that you will get every answer you desire, but I will do my best to answer what I can.” He said in what Riley dubbed his Headmaster Voice.

“First I need to explain things; otherwise I won’t be able to think straight.” Albus nodded for her to continue, watching her with his piercing blue eyes in a way only Dumbledore can. Riley’s lips twitched as she tried not to smile. “I’ve heard things over the year that got me thinking.”

Riley decided not to mention Harry, Ron or Hermione incase they got in trouble for snooping. Riley didn’t care if she, herself got in trouble but after the dragon incident, she didn’t want to get her friends in trouble again.

“During the first Quidditch match of the year, Snape was seen muttering a spell when Harry lost control of his broom. But it was never proven that he was muttering a curse. He could have very well been muttering the contercurse.” Riley started pacing again, relieved to finally get all her thoughts out in the open. “Then Snape was heard interrogating Quirrell about what he knew and telling him to figure out where his loyalties lie. Then he was seen heading towards the third floor corridor, and later with a wound from Fluffy.

“Well, all of that could be taken two ways; Snape was either after the Stone… or protecting it. It also raised the question of why he was going after Quirrell. Obviously it couldn’t be because Quirrell had put up a protection that Snape couldn’t pass, that would just be a ridiculous assumption, after everything I heard about Snape from Remus.

“The other day, a friend heard Quirrell sobbing and then agreeing to something. But he never heard nor saw who was asking for the agreement. Then I remembered something Harry had mentioned in passing, he had met Quirrell in Diagon Alley on his birthday. The same day Gringotts was robbed. But he never saw Snape. It all fell into place after that…

“Quirrell had broken into Gringotts. Quirrell was sitting right behind Snape during the Quidditch game, so he could have heard Snape muttering a curse and as the Defense teacher, should have been saying the counter. He also should have gone to you, if he had heard Snape curse Harry. If he had, I highly doubt you would still let Snape work here.

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