HOW TO READ « correspondence » & « withdrawal »

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• i will always publish two letters in one chapter to create an actual correspondence between the two characters.

• some letters won't actually be sent, therefore never read by the other character, i will mention it at the beginning of the letter.

• some letters will be sent during school year in order for the story to be a little more packed, it will be mentioned by the characters or at the beginning of the chapter once again.

• these letters should lead to create a diary for the two characters that they can always refer to, pay attention to the details considering they could be linked to « withdrawal ».

• some chapters won't be letters but extended moments between harry and lillian that have been merely mentioned in « withdrawal » or that have potentially never been posted in the draco story to keep the storyline clear and simple.


• every information to read these two books accordingly are listed just below but in every chapter that relates to « withdrawal » i'll mention the info at the beginning.

• other detail, you can read this book and not « withdrawal » but it will help you discover and understand lillian's evolution better and also i just think it's a fun experience and i hope you'll tag along !

– chapter / letters ..&.. : read before / after [...]
– chapter / letters ..&.. : read before / after [...]
– chapter / letters ..&.. : read before / after [...]

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