For My Old Classmates

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sometimes, i wish to come

back to where i used to be.

to the people i used to go with

and hang out with.

sometimes i am missing

my old classmates

yet i wanna stay with

my current ones.

But not a day goes by,

when my mind wanders

about my old class

and is longing to

sit with them like

we've never even separated before.

like we've never stopped

hanging out. Like the feeling

of missing them have never

existed in my heart before.

Why have i been so cruel to them

the day i separated from them?

why had i held back my tears

and lied to them instead?

is it because i was trying

to create an imaginary feeling of dependency?

is it because i thought that

if i told the truth,

i would also have to face the

fact that there is nothing more

i can do?

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