Chapter 9

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Bold in this chapter shows Fierzza's rage (Fierzza's a rager.. Well until the texting thing but you don't need to know that right now.)

Ok.. What the fuck just happened?

I'm seriously in a alleyway, surrounded by four people with knives, and they have a truck behind them.


I swear I have bad luck.

"Well.. I'll just be going." I say to the group of people.

"No, you won't be going anywhere. If you want to make this harder then you can. Just know that we won't be so merciful." A girl from the group says.

Grr.. Motherfucker. It's a Sunday and you won't even let me go?


"You want to die?"

I activate my ability and quickly transformed into smoke, then I went to the girl and kicked the knife out of her hand. I reformed and grabbed the knife and the girl, the knife pointing right at her throat.

"Are you going to let me leave now?" I say to the group.

Deep down..

I just want to..

Destroy them.

Teach them why to not mess with me.

To leave them with broken bones.

Leave them in a pool of their own blood, leave them with no life.

Who the fuck are these people that think they can fight me and win!?

"Alright, alright. We'll let you go, just give us her." The group says.

"Sure.. But you never said dead or alive did you?" I say to them full of rage.

I then twisted the knife and stabbed her in the torso.

"That was fun.. Wasn't it?" I say smiling.

"Now!" A man says from behind me.

The group of people race towards me as I spin back to punch the man behind me. But I was met with a knife instead and so I dodged.

"Huh.. Quick reflexes.. But you're coming with us." The man says as I was then tackled by the group of people.

"Really stupid of you considering I could.. Do this." I say before turning into smoke and making the people on me fall.

I heard cracks and yells and some cursing.

That must have hurt.

"Y-you'll regret that.. Fierzza." One of them says.

What the fuck? They know my name?

I quickly get away and reformed back into human form.

Whew, that was close. Now I gotta go back home.

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