2: His Room

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Sorry about the wait rahhhh.
It was midday when it happened. Robin and I had been hanging out in his room. It's not uncommon for me to be in there while he's working at his desk. We've done that pretty much since our team formed.
"Your room is so comfortable. I could fall asleep just sitting here." I lay back into his bed. I'd always enjoyed the soft blankets and pillows he kept there.
"You can sleep in here anytime, Star." He turned and smiled at me before resuming whatever he was doing.
"Is that an invitation?" I laughed, sitting back up to look at him. He stood, and turned to look at me.
"Maybe." He winked at me. I got off his bed and walked over to him.
"Then maybe I'll have to accept." I smirked at the taller boy standing in front of me.
"Then maybe I'll see you in here tonight." He kissed my cheek before walking out of his room.

       "So... you're telling me that Robin wants you to sleep in his room tonight?" Raven asked, sipping her tea. We'd gone to the mall and were currently sitting outside Starbucks.
"Yeah." I looked at her, obviously showing my confusion.
"That's a big step in your relationship. You realize he might want to sleep with you, right?", she stared intently at me.
"Well yeah. I'm not saying that's going to happen but if it did, it's not the end of the world. I love him and we're happy together. That's all that matters." I answered.
"Oh my gosh, my little Star is all grown up." She fake cried . Raven wouldn't be caught dead acting bubbly around anyone else. But she's not afraid to crack a joke or two around me.
"Raven I'll be fine." I laughed, finishing my Frappuccino and grabbing my purse.
   "Just be careful. Make sure you're ready. I know he wouldn't pressure you. He's a gentleman but still, I worry about you." She said as we were walking.
   "I know you do. Thankyou, but I promise I'll be okay. I'm not stupid." I smiled at Raven.

Raven and I had gotten home around 4. I had an hour to get ready, as Cyborg insisted we were all going out to Olive Garden for dinner. He and Beastboy were doing some kind of food challenge. I'm not positive what it was. I dressed myself in nicer clothes, curled my hair and applied a light amount of makeup.
"STAR ARE YOU READY!?", Beastboy yelled as I was spritzing myself with perfume.
I smiled to myself and walked downstairs.
"Calm yourself, I'm here." I smiled as I approached him. The little goblin practically pulled me to the car.

Dinner felt like forever and I wasn't even very hungry. The highlight of the meal was when we were being seated and they gave Beastboy a kids menu.
"Oh come on, man. I don't look that young." he whined.
"Ahahaha. That's why you're BeastBOY not BeastMAN.", Cyborg teased.
"I look older than twelve... right Rae?" Beastboy asked.
"No.", she answered quite plainly.
For the rest of dinner he complained about being given a kids menu and how he deserves a "bigboy" menu. Now I see why they thought he was a child.

          Arriving at home made me realize I was about to sleep in my boyfriend's room. It didn't hit me until then that this actually was a big step. I mean sure, probably nothing will happen. But, it's kind of scary to think about. I tried to calm myself as I changed into pajamas. I opted for something cute. I mean, something a guy might find attractive. I settled with a black tank top and some short pajama shorts.

    There's nothing to be afraid of. There's nothing to be afraid of. I carefully knocked on his bedroom door. I closed my eyes, waiting for an answer.
   "Hey, Star." I heard his voice and opened my eyes. There, I saw Robin with a muscle tee and some checkered pajama pants.
   "Hi." I smiled as he welcomed me into his room. He'd obviously cleaned. He keeps his room nice but now it looked perfect. I couldn't find a single flaw in anything.
   "Wow, your room looks spotless. Am I really that special of a guest?" I asked.
"Yeah, I guess you could say that." He smiled.
I pressed my lips against his, causing him to kiss back. We broke apart as I closed and locked his bedroom door.
   "F*ck." he chuckled and led me to his bed.
       I could see the sunlight shining through Robin's curtains and I knew I should get up. The only issue was, I had two strong arms wrapped around me.
"Morning, sleeping beauty.", I ruffled his hair. He grumbled and rolled over. Well, that solves the escaping his arms issue. I carefully climbed out of his bed and collected any extra clothing items I had laying around. I went into my own room, changing into a T-shirt and fresh comfy shorts.
"So how'd it go?" Raven asked as I got downstairs. She was the only other teammate awake at the time.
"Fine." I answered and sat across from her at our kitchen counter.
"Just fine?" She asked.
"Yup. Just fine." I smiled and looked down at my feet.
"Then why do you have a hickey right there?", Raven pointed to a spot on my neck.
I felt a blush spread across my face, thinking about how that got there.
"It's not like anything changed between us. Honest it wasn't that big of a deal."
"Sure it wasn't." she rolled her eyes and took another sip of her tea.
   I sighed and we went back to the living room. When I saw the guys were up, I quickly shifted my hair to cover that spot. Robins hair was still messy and he had joggers and the same muscle tee from last night on. I blushed and smiled as I walked by him to go back upstairs. He responded with a wink.
Eh kind of scandalous and I'm not great at writing that type of stuff. I had writers block then got this idea but I'm not sure how well received it'll be. Give me feedback I guess. Thanks! K bai.

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