Chapter 54

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Chapter 54

Harrys P.O.V

There wasn't anything better than a glass half full of rose wine in-between my fingers with the warm bubbly water surrounding at my skin with the silence of my apartment filling my head. I sat in silence, considering and thinking over small details of life itself. Why are colouring books so relaxing? What's the one thing not on my bucket list? Why don't they make bathtubs long enough for six feet people? How big is the world really?

And that question wasn't hard to answer when I had heard the clacks of shoes slapping against the wooden boards. They had seemed to wander around the place first before they had stopped at the bedroom door and that's when I heard her voice.

'Where you at?' her voice was curious, high pitched and loving and it lifted my spirits I could say. The world couldn't be that big considering she was such a small lady.

'Marco?' I sip at my glass, the fruity taste running down my throat. I smile when I hear her throw her shoes to the floor, the thump being louder than expected and then she appears. My whole world, small and kind of petite stood at the doorframe of the bathroom.

'Polo.' She chuckled, resting her hips against the door, looking all around her. I smile at her raising my glass in the air signalling she had found me. 'Sucks you didn't invite me.' she says, smiling as she peers at herself through the mirror to the side of her. She gets distracted easily, something so small can ruin a big conversation sometimes.

'Anna, would you care to join me for some rose and a soak in the bathtub?' I question, swirling the rose in my glass and smirking at her watching her fix something on that beautiful face of hers. She had giggled at the obvious posh accent I had tried to pull, sounding as British as I could.

'I shall.' She mimics back, giggling when she quickly wraps her hair up into a bun, the same bun that's always so matted and tangled and so ugly in the mornings. The one I loved to poke fun about and she would smack me over it, smiling because she knew I was in the right.

'I bought a spare glass, so I was intending on inviting you.' I exclaim, poking my glass to the spare one watching her eyes scoot to it. Her shirt had come off in a matter of seconds before I could focus my attention back to her.

'I appreciate that very much.' She then bends to drag her jeans down as I watch her skin being revealed behind them. God, she was fucking gorgeous. I took a sip of my drink before my mouth had dropped to my chest.

'Hey!' she had suddenly clapped, shocking me back to her eyes. 'Up here.' she playfully chuckles, pointing to her eyes.

'How can you blame me, babe? Look at you.' I argue back. She had looked down to herself and pinched at the extra skin to her stomach.

'It's nothing to start a parade over.' She mumbles, skimming her hand around the waistband of her underwear.

'I would if, I could and only make it about you.' I smile as she scoffs and shakes her head, pulling down the thin fabric of her underwear. I could only start to think about all the possibilities I could do to her right now and how much she would enjoy it.

'Don't get any ideas...I'm still sore.' I smirked to her comment and she could only smugly smile back. I could only relate.

She had unbuckled her bra, leaving her breasts still and perky on her chest. I couldn't help but stare. 'You left them last. You knew my weakness and you purposely are trying to kill me.' I grumble.

'Oh, you mean, these.' She had eyed down her breasts, slowly moving her hands to the smooth roundness of them. It was like it had all slowed down and when she cupped her soft breasts I couldn't help but imagine all the wrong things. I quickly glanced at her lips, how they were taken in by her teeth and how soft and lustful her eyes had seemed.

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