✨part 2✨ (last part)

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[No one's pov]
Both blue squids went to Goggles's place, they even talked on the way. They never talked like this together before, which is quite amazing to see.
Even Goggles felt way better than before,being happy that someone can be with him together on his side. It was honestly the same for Glasses, since he isn't very popular unlike Goggles, but seems like he doesn't care if he's alone or not since he's used that people give more attention to Goggles and not very much to him.
After some time, they were already there and went inside.
"You got a nice place", Glasses said smiling.
"Thx Specs! Let's gooo!!", Goggles said and went to the kitchen. Glasses followed him, smiling by seeing his boyfriend all happy getting the things for the party, which are:
-foods and drink
And other stuff.
"Ok let's go upstairs!~",Goggles said giggling as he had some decorations, took Glasses's hand and they both went upstairs to Goggles's room.
The walls were painted by the color blue, his bed was mixed with Blue and white and there were some soft pillows which are quite huge.
"Hey Goggles..?",Glasses asked and looked at him,"I still don't get why you took decorations, it's not our birthday or something".
"Who cares? Every party should look cool and beautiful in my opinion! Just like you!", Goggles said and giggled which made his boyfriend smile and blush.
They both started to decorate the room with some beautiful star shaped papers, since it was evening and Goggles thought it can light the room up a bit. They even placed a loudspeaker on the desk, which was a bit small and wasn't so loud.
"Wait, w-we're gonna do a karaoke or something? I-isnt anyone going to hear us?..", Glasses asked and got a bit embarrassed. Singing wasn't really his thing, but he doesn't hate it.
"I thought we can sing together to have fun! I-i mean... If that's fine by you...", Goggles said and blushed slightly as he waited for an answer.
"Well, if that's what you want. I'm totally good with. You closed the door right? I don't want anyone to hear us", Glasses said smiling, Goggles nodded for a 'yes' answer.
"But before that, wait here! I'll bring some cookies and water!",Goggles said hyped as he left.
"I'll come to help just in cause",Glasses said and followed him downstairs to the kitchen.
"AAAAAA SHOOT!",Goggles screamed as he kept screaching for the cookies,"THE COOKIES ARE GONE!".
"Maybe you ate them?",Glasses asked him. Goggles stayed quiet for a second, looked down and then back to Glasses.
"Ah, yeah well.. I did. Guess I have to make new ones",he said.
"No, we'll make it together. Tho, if I have to be honest I never tried to cook".
"I can help you with that!",Goggles said hugging him,"I'll just teach you how to! But get ready it might be a big mess".
Glasses let out a small laugh, not knowing if they'll fail or not, but at least he's doing it with Goggles, so he don't mind if something bad happens to the cookies.

-timeskip to when they finish-

"Well that was a lot of work!.. But at least we did it!",Glasses said proudly as both him and Goggles looked at the cookies. The shapes of them we're weird, but it didn't matter to them.
"Ah, Glasses!",Goggles said and went closer to him.
"There's something on your cheek!",Goggles said and kissed Glasses's cheek and also licked the chocolate that was there.
Glasses had a hard blue blush on his face,trying to cover it with his hands by being embarrassed. Goggles removed his (Glasses's) hands away from his face and smiled,"don't hide yourself silly!".
Glasses smiled back,"alright cutie, let's go back up",he said and took the plate with the cookies and went upstairs to Goggles's room. Goggles followed him as well and closed the door behind.
Glasses put the cookies plate on the desk, and there were water already next to the plate with some plastic cups.
"So um...", Goggles said,"wanna sing something together? Like, a duet?".
"You know what? I should stop being all embarrassed. Let's do this",Glasses said and smiled. Goggles smiled at him back as he got excited, his eyes we're sparkling as he went to his phone (which was connected to the loudspeaker) and choose a song.
And after they chose a song together, they decided it will be:

(Goggles takes the role as the female and Glasses takes the role as the male. Yeah of course Goggles doesn't sing in a girly voice lmao)
"Wow that was amazing! Your voice is soooo beautiful!! Ive never heard you singing like that!",Goggles said amazed as he hugged his boyfriend tight.
Glasses was shocked someone loved his singing but smiled, cause it's Goggles after all, and he hugged him back and kissed him on the cheek.
"Your voice is beautiful too, sweetheart~",he said and smiled more. Goggles smiled back and blushed.
Since it was fun for them to sing like that, they decided to sing more songs, and not just duets, solos too!.
Later when they finished, they ate the cookies, and drank water, since after some singing their thoarts got quite dry.
"*yawn*, I'm sooo tired..", Goggles said rubbing his eyes,"can you stay, and sleep with me?..", he said looking at Glasses with his cute little puppy eyes.
Glasses couldn't help but to chuckle and nodded. Goggles jumped on him, which made both of them to fall on the bed, hugging each other tightly.
"W-w-what are you doing?!",Glasses stuttered in a shock.
"Hahahaha! You're so cuteee!",Goggles said and laughed,"I love youuuu...", he whispered as he slowly fell asleep on his boyfriend,still hugging him tightly.
Glasses just stared at him, smiling he pat Goggles's head and whispered into his ear before falling asleep:
"Goodnight, I love you too my silly boy..",he smiled more and then fell asleep.

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