Chapter 8

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Warnings: Language, lots of hugging and tears.

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The two boys were talking when it happened.

The heart monitor was beeping. Then it let out a long


Then a scream ran out through the room.

~Present time~

Doctors ran into the room as Lance held the boy who was struggling in his arms, trying to get to his father. Lance picked the struggling boy up taking him out of the room, trying to stay out of the room and out of the way.

Lance pulled Keith into his chest and rubbed the boys back. They waited for a few minutes when Dr. Collins came out of the room.

The two boys looked at the doctor.

"I'm sorry. We couldn't save him." He said sadly.

Keith broke down, falling to the ground.


Keith whipped his phone out of his pocket dialing his mothers number.

"Keith? What is it?" Krolia answered on the second ring.

"I-its d-dad. H-he's-" Keith was cut of by his own cries.

"I'm on my way." Then the line went dead.

Keith was silent. Tears running down his face. He was sad, hurt, pissed off. Memories of his father and him running through his mind.


"Come on Keith you can do it!" Heith yelled as his son struggled to ride his bike without any help.

"I'm scared Daddy!" Keith exclaimed getting off his bike. "Have you tried doing this before! It's scary!"

"Keith." His dad laughed. "I did it before too. You can do it too I know you can!"

'I can do it! I can do it!' Keith thought getting back on his bike.

"Just focus Keith! Balance yourself." Heith said at the end of the drive way. He decided to stay there just in case Keith couldn't control the bike.

Keith balanced himself and then put his feet on the pedals. Then he started going.

"That's it Keith! You're doing it!" Heith yelled at his son.

"I'm doing it!" Keith laughed as he biked down the drive way and onto the sidewalk and started peddling away.

"Um Dad how do I stop this thing?!" Keith yelled realizing he didn't know how.

"THE BREAKS KEITH! HIT THE BREAKS!" Heith started running towards his son.

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